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  1. Do you think Angels would trade for a short term rental RFer solution for this season? They definitely can't afford to go through the fiasco of last year when they had 0 production from that position. 28th in the league from RFer WAR with -0.7
  2. Problem is his replacement is even worse than he is. No way we can go with Lagares as the starting RFer on the team.
  3. So many zeros in the lineup. It looks like previous few years of Angels baseball.
  4. Another one of Angels failed attempt at trying to resuscitate shitty pitchers. How many millions have they wasted signing these has-beens these last few years? Quintana, Teheran, Harvey, Allen, and Cahill comes to mind. DId I miss anyone? They should have just bit the bullet and signed Ryu instead of going quantity over quality.
  5. Go away Pujols. Every game he plays is wasted at bats that could go to a much better player.
  6. This is from MLB site. "To be Barreled, a batted ball requires an exit velocity of at least 98 mph. At that speed, balls struck with a launch angle between 26-30 degrees always garner Barreled classification. For every mph over 98, the range of launch angles expands."
  7. Team needs Fletcher to get going though. He's costing the team so many runs by not getting on base in front of the hottest hitters on the team.
  8. Angles are winning by having their offense carried by 3 players. Rest of the lineup is underperforming and offense will be really good when everyone is clicking.
  9. Just pick up his another 25 sons he has around Dominican Republic/
  10. Heaney dealing and he's not even getting the same calls that Zeuch was getting earlier.
  11. I bet Pujols starts tomorrow at 1B with Walsh moving over to RF.
  12. From Fowler's reaction it looked like his leg needed to be amputated.
  13. This ump is horrible. Why is it so hard to find a good ump these days? Roboump cannot come soon enough.
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