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  1. They traded away their futures yet their minor league system is still way better than the Angels. Says a lot right there.
  2. Let's not get crazy here. He's still performing at below replacement level but he is doing better than last year but that bar was so low that improvement was inevitable. He still needs to make a jump from here to be a major league starting outfielder.
  3. They should DFA Guerra as well. Just get rid of completely useless players.
  4. Just shows you that most of the expected inning eaters have all underperformed or injured like Cobb. Definitely not a good thing for the team to have Ohtani to be number one in that stat.
  5. Not really. If you can't locate your fastball in this league you are in trouble. Especially when you are not throwing high 90s. He seems to locate his offspeed better than his fastball on his first two starts.
  6. I am watching it and he can't seem to locate his fastball. His fastballs are mostly hitting the middle of the strike zone and that's a bad place to miss.
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