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Would you do: Howie Kendrick for Jeff Samardzija?

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eh, the values don't quite match up, but given the premium on pitching, I guess I would.


Not sure why the Cubs would prefer Kendrick over a package of prospects and young, team controlled guys though.


They don't really have any 2B prospects in their system and Howie would give him some much needed boost offensively.


Though we could always offer Sappington and Lindsey and hold onto Howie.

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We'd have to take back a bad contract, and give them prospects. Problem is, they have no bad contracts. 


The Cubs can have a payroll in the 100-130M Plus range and have less than $50 Million committed including $14 M to Alfonso Soriano for 2014.


They have about 21.5 M committed to arbitration eligible players including around $5M to Samardzija.


I don't know the overall situation of their minor leagues, but they could be huge players in free agency in the next few years, which is why I wonder why they need to trade Samardzija.

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What is it about his 91 ERA+ last year or his career 97 ERA+ and career BB/9 of 3.8 in the NL that makes this guy so attractive to people?  Are the Angels going to start a flag football team or something?


Small sample size, but in 50 innings of inter-league play this guy has managed an WHIP of nearly 1.5 and a raw ERA over 6.00.

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Samardzija got knocked around pretty hard in the second half last year.  I wouldn't quite call it Blantonesque, but he had an ERA well north of 5 the last few months. 


To his credit he was much better away from the very hitter-friendly Wrigley Field though.  4.76 ERA, 1.495 WHIP home vs 3.91 ERA, 1.198 WHIP away.  

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Value wise it is a match and needs wise it is a match but strategically it isn't a match unless the Cubs feel they will contend this year or they can extend Howie once they acquire him. Two years of Howie may not fit into their window of contention as an outsider looking in.


In principle it is a good exchange.

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His 9.01 K/9 , 3.29 BB/9 and 1.06 HR/9 look pretty nice. 


His ERA- of 112 and FIP- of 97 make him look a little less nice though. I don't think the Cubs would want Howie anyways but it's a pretty even trade. They're going to want prospects, not a 2B under contract for only 2 years. 


My biggest issue is losing Howie and having both Green and Freese starting in our infield. 

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