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  1. Replace Andreise with Canning and you're onto something
  2. Not bad,. Kind of makes me think they're basically done and we're looking at an 80-85 win team yet again.
  3. I'm absolutely terrified that Eppler has a ton of money still without an obvious target now that Cole and Strasburg are gone. He's pretty clearly proven he's not good at identifying talent in free agency when he needs multiple pieces.
  4. Wade Miley and Gio Gonzalez signed one year contracts...hell even the Alvarez for Garcia trade was awful as a lot of us predicted at the time. He's clueless. Keep defending him though and enjoying 4th place.
  5. I mean he did pick Harvey Cahill Stratton and Allen this past offseason to shore up the rotation and closer role so clearly you can be confident he knows what he's doing
  6. Of course they are but a lot of teams have big injuries so far and don't look this incompetent. Ohtani and Upton aren't fixing this offense.
  7. Finally Victor getting a little critical of the spin rate being the be all end all...Gubi completely quiet, he knows who signs his paycheck.
  8. This is going to go down as one of the worst Angels teams in franchise history....95 losses is the record...I can see this team eclipsing that with this starting pitching and nothing in the lineup. Ausmus seems pretty hesitant to mix things up so far so I can see Stratton rolling out there until July and half the lineup hitting under .215 without trying something new.
  9. My impression was most people are saying he's completely blameless and if the team doesn't do anything this year then maybe possibly they'll consider blaming their lord and savior. You can't expect players who have been pretty below average for most their careers to just start performing. Cozart has been a bad player other than one year, same with Bour, same with La Stella, Harvey and Cahill? Cmon.
  10. So how do we not blame the GM for this...I really don't understand what's going on around here
  11. Still don't see how the offense is going to be anything other than average, which isn't "fine" in my book Eppler brought in 3 guys to be starters this year and they're all awful. Not sure what else he needs to fail at until we all start blaming him at least a little bit for the state of this franchise.