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Phil Hughes In Line For Two-Year Deal


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I'm one of the few that'd actually be fine with Phil Hughes joining our pitching staff.  He's a much better pitcher than his numbers in that launchpad in New York indicate.  Put him back home in So-Cal in a pitchers park and I think you'll see numbers as good as Vargas put up but with more K's.


The angels could likely afford taking a chance on a Phil Hughes type because Garrett Richards really has a shot at being so much more than a 5th starter.  In fact, I think he proved as a starter last year that he'll actually be a solid mid-rotation starter and not a back-end as so many predict.  


Having Phil Hughes and Garrett Richards as your #4 and 5 starters would be quit dynamic.  Still, it wouldn't change the fact that the Angels still need another #2/3 starter and they won't be finding anyone parting ways with those for Kendrick, which almost forces the Angels to spend money for a Garza, Kuroda and Tanaka type.  

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someone will offer him 3 years.  If the Halos could get him for two years 15mil, that would actually be a reasonable deal.  I think he could put up a low 4's era outside of Yankee stadium.


I'd actually be fine with him as our fifth starter if we could get Tanaka as well and then spend the money on another reliever


Then I'd trade Trumbo for a big upside AA/AAA guy who is near major league ready as well as a pen arm and/or additional prospects.


Sign Hart as a DH. 

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he gave up 7 hrs on the road and 17 at home.  10 of his homers at home were to the short porch in RF and less than 350ft. 


think about the mental advantage that would give him knowing a routine fly out to RF wouldn't result in a hr.  Thats why I think there was such a huge discrepancy between his home/away splits from last year.


The more I look at bringing this guy in on reasonable deal, the more I like it. 


He might be able to give us a sub 4 era for about 8mil per.  That is tremendous value. 


This guy is not Joe Blanton.  He's got good velocity on his fastball that has been fairly consistent.


Also something to notice from last year - he threw his slider way more than in previous years.  If he goes back to his normal ratio of Cu, Ch, Fa, I think this guy can be very productive. 

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Yea except Hughes is younger with better stuff.



We signed blanton under the premise that he would suck a slight bit less because of improved defense around him and pitching in a pitchers park but his suck transcended. 


Hughes is really coming off of a recent poor season.  2010 and 2012 he was decent and 2011 he didn't pitch much due to injury. 


Hughes is actually a good pitcher at times.  Blanton really never was. 

Getting him for his age 28-30 seasons is best case scenario of when to get a guy. 

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I actually figured hughes was gonna get a similar deal to Nolasco because of his age.  That was my main reason for not wanting him. 


There are risks here mind you as we would be relying on yet another guy to rebound and provide quality innings. 


The upside is that it doesn't appear injury related but environment related.

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