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  1. Especially when the one thing you need in a win-and-you’re-in Wild Card game is an ace. We’re not winning the division, so acquiring that front-end starter should have been our main priority.
  2. Bauer is a free agent next year, what would the Reds take for him? He most likely wouldn’t sign an extension and would test FA at 29 so I wouldn’t give up much, but he’s the only guy with ace potential left that we can acquire without giving up Adell.
  3. I’m pretty impressed by how calm Eppler seems to be about this rotation. He must really believe in Callaway and Maddon making the most out of it and the development of Canning/Sandoval. I guess we’ll see if he’s right.
  4. Truth. We need two bullpen arms and at the very least a #2 pitcher that can actually go more then 5-6 innings.
  5. Our starting pitchers never being able to go more then 6 innings is a problem, too. The trade deadline can't come fast enough. We need a #2 pitcher and a high leverage bullpen piece.
  6. Phew. Bleachers Reports notification scared the crap out of me.
  7. I honestly don't see any reason why Ohtani/his agent would try to hide this from teams or "finesse" us. It's in Ohtani's best interest to play well and play for a long in the MLB, at least until he gets his big pay day. He's being paid league minimum right now..no incentive to try to lie to us about his history. So this leads me to believe that the Angels knew about this and neither them or Ohtani think it's a big deal.
  8. Wow just checked the score..we actually sweeped them. Good to see Trout have his first 3 hit game of the season.
  9. Cron is so trash. Should have sold high when he had that hot stretch. Won't be anything more than a poor mans Trumbo with slightly better vision and much less power.