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The Official 2021 Los Angeles Angels Spring Training News & Notes Thread

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4 minutes ago, Trendon said:


Looks like Arte is in camp. He normally holds a media session at ST, so I wonder if he holds one over Zoom in the coming days.

Listen miniasian...I like 2 spoons of sugar in my coffee. Not 1 not 3, but 2. It needs to be 105 degrees exactly. If I burn my tongue I burn your balls. Capiche?

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The biggest news for me was from OC Register's @Jeff Fletcher report from Joe Maddon on Shoehi Ohtani.  “He was showing velocity numbers, and it’s hard to show 95-plus in a workout,” the Angels m

Yep!  Man, I'm doing my best not to get excited by this "news," but it's hard not to, given what was said.  If I were Maddon (or anyone else associated with the Angels), I'd probably underplay anythin

Maybe they should switch to Mastercard or American Express.

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If Jackson becomes a force that would help our farm tremendously.  One more top 100 prospect that allows us to make a move for the arms we need.  That being said, the one thing that won’t happen, but if it did would help out even more, would be for Maitan to become that prospect he was once supposed to be.

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On 2/21/2021 at 12:53 PM, Tank said:

have any of you played golf in phoenix/tempe? looking for recommendations.



Just drive up the hill (a short 2 hour drive and play gold in Prescott!


We just picked up tickets for the 24th of March...This will be 21 consecutive years we have been to at least one ST game.

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This is one of those where we now have enough information to say it's abundantly clear that the 12-18 month rehab that is commonly reported with TJ surgery is a bit on the light end. 

Yes, 12-18 months before the patient is throwing the ball as hard as they used to, but there's so much more to pitching than simply throwing the ball hard. The feel, the command of the pitches, repeating mechanics, leverage, flexibility, all muscles working to the same strength simultaneously, etc...

The further removed from surgery, the better a pitcher typically pitches. Ohtani is now two years and four months (28 months) removed from surgery, and it's not a surprise that he's feeling and throwing better than he did 10 months ago when he was 18 months removed from surgery. 

Andrew Heaney went under the knife in July, 2016. The year before in 2016, he carried an ERA+ of 108. One year after surgery, the Angels are out of the race and they let him get a couple starts in because the minor league season had already ended and Heaney got lit up. It wasn't until the following May, 20 months post op, that Heaney even remotely resembled the pre-surgery version of himself. In fact, it wasn't until July and August of 2019, a full THREE YEARS after surgery that Heaney posted conductive months with an ERA under 4.00 (bad measurement, but you get the point, I think).

I think the more accurate description is to say it's more common that a pitcher won't be the same after surgery for 2-3 years. And much of this depends on the type of pitcher and their age. 

To wrap it all up with a bow, I'd say that barring any unexpected injury, since Ohtani is fully healthy and recovered, he will have a great year and will finally show MLB just how good of a pitcher he is. Seriously, at age 19, he would've already been one of the better pitchers in major league baseball. That's how legendary this guy is on the mound. 

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35 minutes ago, Stradling said:

So when Ohtani went from throwing 95-96 to throwing 89-90 from the 1st inning to the 2nd inning in his 2nd start last year, I thought they believed it was an injury to the elbow?  Was that not the case? 

Looking it Up, it was Grade 1-2 Flexor Muscle stain. After, doing some research, seems like it's an injry that recovers with rest. 


" a flexor-pronator strain is treated with rest from pitching for several weeks to give the tendons time to heal. Ice and physical therapy can also be helpful to decrease the athlete's symptoms."

And we should also it to heal, this is from a doctor. 



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Than there is this aswell. 


Posted on behalf of Dr. Robert Najarian: In response to your second question, even the most mild flexor pronator strains are given at least 7-10 days of rest from all throwing. With a gradual return to throw program that takes at least another 7-10 days of pain free pitching, the best case scenario is that the he/she can be back to full game activity at about 2 weeks. This amounts to missing a minimum of 2-3 starts if the pitcher is part of a 5-man rotation. Realistically, however, even for the most mild strains, normal pain-free throwing does not happen until the second week post injury. So once the pitcher finishes his/her throwing rehab, they are not truly “game-ready” until at least week 3.

As a general rule, we always err on the side of caution and never rush pitchers back until they are truly pain free with all of their pitches and their strength is equal to their opposite/uninjured side.

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