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Do you like Chipotle?

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Simple topic.


I find a lot of people either love or hate chipotle. I used to hate it...thought it was extremely overrated and definitely over priced.


However, when I don't have time to meal prep or have any left overs to bring for dinner, I've found myself eating their chicken bowls.



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Not a fan.  Too overpriced.  And I don't see the craze of building your own burritto, when most of the time I put the same things inside it, that I can get everywhere else.  


I put this food on the same level as subway, buffets, and five guys.  Five guys on the fast food at a premium price, I'd rather go to a sit down restaurant if I'm doing that.  Subway on the oh we make it for you conveyor belt.  And buffet, like subway, who knows how long that food has just been sitting there, getting all wilted and the meat all dried out sitting in it's own juices for hours.  Something that I don't pay a premium for.  


BTW.  Fun Fact.  One of the original investors in Chipotle was McDonalds.  McDonalds, like and idoit, sold it's stake in the company.

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McDonalds owned 49% of it, the owner at the time, Steve Ells was a smart guy who must have read the E-Myth book a dozen times


It was one of my first jobs, and when I worked there, it was one of 7 locations in California

people would drive pretty far just to eat there


I also disliked it at first, but I noticed they had no freezers, no microwaves and all the food was fresh and without 100000 chemicals

I cant really say that about any other fast food place


Only regret is not eating at the location I saw in London, since the British cannot cook a decent meal to save their lives

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I don't mind it but like Stevens said if I want Mexican food I'm not going to Chipotle.  As far as taste goes it's got some good choices but I just never catch myself going there where as before I would go a few times a year.  They've done just fine without my money and I think they've got a great product or business model because there's a lot of people who will go out of their way to eat there.  Like anywhere you go it's all about what you choose to eat but I remember how surprised some people were to see the calorie content once you built a burrito using the online tool. 

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Chipotle does nachos !?

Their barbacoa is good. I haven't had that in forever.

I've never been to Quedoba...I'll have to give it a try.

It's Jack in the Box owned and the Chipotle equivalent to hipster Mexican food. But they have brown rice as well as white and a queso that is amazing on everything.

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