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  1. Horrible news for his family and the organization
  2. What about the area where the NFL team was going to be put in the City of Industry right at the 57/60. The City of Industry Angels Los Angeles Angels of Diamond Bar Los Angeles Angels of Freeways
  3. I just saved the Salarian Ark and I feel like I'm back on a linear track like you said. I'm definitely doing the Ryder's Family Secrets. My biggest issue is the "menu" and everything else is so hard to figure out. I haven't even bothered crafting or buying/selling stuff. It's so non-user friendly. I came to the conclusion last night that I don't have to buy, sell, craft, etc. because so long as I upgrade my weapons via pick ups I'm kicking ass through the story just fine. It's just all a bit confusing to me.
  4. Finally got around to playing ME: Andromeda. It's "meh" so far like all the reviews made it out to be. Sorry Mul. I think I'm about 60% done with it.
  5. What the hell was going on during the 1940s? ?
  6. The Sound was the best "rock" station out there. The radio now is either country, shitty rap, or Jack FM type that spans multiple decades of the same crap.
  7. Are you saying you and Cruz now have a lot more in common?
  8. Hopefully via the hands of Kim Jung Un
  9. Don't forget The Hound is on Arya's list also...
  10. Pardon my ignorance but who was the one that hired him?
  11. It counts on the every so pointless "score one for my guy" counter. They have it on a big scoreboard in D.C. somewhere.
  12. It does when memes like that were used when Obama was Prez
  13. This Administration will be written about for the next 200 years (or whenever NK finally gets their shit together and nukes us)
  14. This is technically how you're supposed to read the stories: The Last Wish (short story collection) Sword of Destiny (short story collection) Blood of Elves (beginning of novels) Time of Contempt Baptism of Fire The Tower of Swallows Lady of the Lake
  15. The books have been good. But I was thinking about a week ago that since I believe the first book/short stories there hasn't been one instance where The Witcher actually fights a creature which is strange. Though good books nonetheless. I think the stories and characters are so good and can almost be on par with Game of Thrones. They could make a show just as popular as GoT in my opinion if done correctly.
  16. Went full nerd and decided to start reading The Witcher books. Half way through the series now.
  17. Knowing Trump, they probably look like Ivanka's dopplegangers
  18. I'm hearing how good the DLCs are. Just got to Novigrad a few days ago. These giant open world games are so funny because like in real life, after being out in the wild (killing ghouls and such) for days and days and days, it's kind of nice to get into a big city. But after a few days of exploring and doing quests in the city you're almost itching to get back out in the wild to go back to killing things again.
  19. Yea I bought the complete edition. Like this types of games, it's taking me just recently to understand the alchemy, oil, building aspect of the game but I'm getting the hang of it. Thought I was going to be doing worse in battle but I'm not so bad.
  20. Been playing The Witcher 3 for about 15 hours now. I'm loving it! I'm acting towards it like when I played Skyrim for the first time. I can't put the game down, always wanting to do another quest even though I know I should shut the game off, and when I'm at work I'm thinking about the game.