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  1. Yea I bought the complete edition. Like this types of games, it's taking me just recently to understand the alchemy, oil, building aspect of the game but I'm getting the hang of it. Thought I was going to be doing worse in battle but I'm not so bad.
  2. Been playing The Witcher 3 for about 15 hours now. I'm loving it! I'm acting towards it like when I played Skyrim for the first time. I can't put the game down, always wanting to do another quest even though I know I should shut the game off, and when I'm at work I'm thinking about the game.
  3. Wow thanks for the write up Mul, I figured as much of a write up would come from you!
  4. Try rooting for the Angels in Dodgers country when you were a kid. Wasn't easy.
  5. Great write up Mul, thanks for that. I'm going to be buying The Witcher 3 today (yea yea I know, but better late than never). I feel like once I play and beat that then I'll probably pick up ME.
  6. So do I. I hope the game is just as good as the first if not better!
  7. Garrus was my home boy. I look forward to hearing your review when you play the game.
  8. I'd post the IGN review here for you to see but it was a facebook video. Some of the key things that I took away from it was that there was no buy in on the other shipmates, the difference in species is lacking, and the worlds even though are vast are not too diverse when it comes to the structures. With the original trilogy, other than the beautiful gameplay, the best part about the ME series was the relationships you had with the other characters in the story. It seemed like this one doesn't have that. And of course I've heard numerous things on the AI speaking/graphics problems but I w
  9. Just watched the IGN review of the game. Based on that alone I don't think I'm going to be buying the game anytime soon.
  10. That makes sense since the McMahon's have made a living of eating up small businesses.
  11. Finished FC: Primal at 100%. Loved that game so much. Started AC: Syndicate and I like it already so much more than Unity. So so much more.
  12. Check your 2008 spank bank to see. I know she's in there.
  13. Who was Make Angels Great Again before changing his name?
  14. It probably DEFINITELY has nothing to do with him waiting to build luxury hotels in the country. Nothing at all.
  15. FC4 does not have that. Primal though since you are basically a cave man it stays very true to the hunter/gatherer aspect of life. If you throw spears and don't pick them up you have to build more, same goes with arrows. So you are constantly cutting wood and hunting out of necessity of the game. I like it a lot.
  16. Bought FC:Primal and AC: Syndicate for $15 each yesterday. Primal has been awesome so far. So different than the last two games.
  17. Restarted Far Cry 4. Can't get enough of the Far Cry games. @cezerowhat are the critics saying about Dishonored 2?
  18. If you're going to buy 2 and 3 you might as well end up buying 1. The entire trilogy is such that, a trilogy. Would you want to watch Empire and Jedi without wanting to watch A New Hope?
  19. Did it feel good voting for Trump Jay?
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