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  1. This is the beginning of the end for the U.K. Northern Ireland and Scotland will eventually break away. The fact that we could possibly see a united Ireland again is nuts.
  2. She's the embodiment of "The North" to a T
  3. Maybe they are just concerned vigilante Americans protecting their 2nd Amendment right.
  4. My problem is they didn't show her truly assassinating anyone from what I can recall. If that's the case can we truly call her a trained assassin?
  5. It was nice for the T-1000 to make an appearance. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant the Waif....
  6. Not every episode can be the Siege of Kings Landing
  7. Naw, it's just a wish of mine that people can just act like adults every once in a while. Ha! What a sucker I am...
  8. Calling for peace? That...or maybe everyone can just act like nice adults for once and we all don't have to worry about chaos.
  9. Chick was smokin' as was the actress that played Sansa. Those b00bs....
  10. Did she tell Sansa that? I must have completely missed that part.
  11. Agree with ANS. It's a nice drive for a 3 hour weekend. Leave around 5am on a Friday and you'll get there around noon just in time for lunch. You can take the amazing 1 drive all the way up or the nice 101 all the way up. Either way I feel that it's part of the experience of taking a trip to the central coast.
  12. It's not shady if that's what you're asking. Right off the freeway, continental breakfast, about 10 minutes from downtown Santa Cruz. Good spot. Aptos is beautiful. I have family that lives there. About 20 minutes south on your way to Monterrey is a shit load of fruit stands. You can get pretty much fresh picked anything you can think of for dirt cheap.
  13. Just stayed at the Best Western Seacliff Inn in Aptos a few months ago. Any chance you're staying there?
  14. Halfway from Tahoe to Santa Cruz will land you right in Sacramento. You can tour the state capital, go to old town Sacto, and the big train museum is right next to old town. Pretty cool things to do for a day to break up the drive.
  15. Which is the same feeling Blarg's kids get when they beat that section of Dark Souls that they've been working on for a good hour. I'll admit, as much as I absolutely love the Assassin Creeds, the Bioshocks, etc. I don't ever get "that feeling" anymore.
  16. That's why games like Dark Souls are such a good throwback. Unfortunately I can't dedicate time to playing the Souls games like I could have when I was younger. It's much easier to sit for hours and hours to play a game like Dark Souls or games like Mega Man. If you can only play them for like 30 minutes to an hour at a time you might as well not even start. I wish I had the time still like I did when I was a kid to play video games.
  17. Kind of on that note, I saw a hilarious meme the other day with the "back in my day" old man that said something along the lines of, "back in my day we didn't get video game demos to play before the game came out, we just bought the game, played it, and liked it." I laughed
  18. Funniest thing I've read on AW in at least a month
  19. Thanks brotha. I knew you'd know something.
  20. Hey Mul, do you know any speculations on the Andromeda story?
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