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  1. Analysis be damned, I LOVE Fletcher batting first. He's a pain in the ass to get out, and great at getting on base. By the end of that at bat, the pitcher likely has thrown more pitches than they want to, has a man on, and now has to face Trout (and Rendon and Ohtani). It seems like it must be just mentally exhausting.
  2. Its been -2 days of the season so far and I'm already disappointed...
  3. Remember in 2018 when he sucked in spring training and a bunch of journalists decided he could never cut it in the majors? That was funny.
  4. We've gotta get more length out of Heaney. He needs to step up and be our ace - if our "best pitcher" can only go for 5 innings, our relief is gonna be toast by ASB. #seasonover
  5. Sounds like Liga MX is shutting down, so that list is getting a bit shorter.
  6. Last time I was in Vegas, I put some money down on who wins the NBA playoffs...curious how that works now....
  7. Red Sox playing 15th dimensional connect 4: trade Mookie to the Dodgers and let them eat the rest of his contract while no one plays baseball.
  8. MLS just got suspended this morning, joining the NBA. Over in Europe, La Liga and Serie A are also suspended (and Bundesliga will likely follow soon, as there has been at least one confirmed case in a lower league of German soccer; the NHL over here in the US likely will follow soon as well).. Its starting to look like baseball would stick out like a sore thumb if they DIDN'T suspend the season. Adding to that, we are having governments (including California's) starting to crack down on large gatherings, which means at BEST we are are going to have a lot of games in empty stadiums. IMO at
  9. At least we can rest assured that our long history of injections has done well to avoid TJ surgery. That's why we never had to worry about surgery with Richards or with Ohtani.
  10. I mean, all I'm saying..."Build Me Up Buttercup" really is the perfect Angel's theme song.
  11. So...I know its early, I know its spring training, but...I'm starting to feel a little better about our starting pitching.
  12. You know, I THOUGHT he looked pregnant.
  13. Just checking in with everyone's daily reminder that we still have 2 years of Pujols contract for a total of 59 million, and he is projected to have a negative fWAR next year (and hasn't had a positive fWAR since 2016).
  14. Ohh, we should trade Regnifo for like...idk, maybe Stripling or something? I bet we could get the Dodgers to throw in an outfielder (maybe Pederson?) and a prospect (thinking a top 15 guy in the Dodger's farm, but would be a top 5 guy for us; an Andy Pages type player) if we sweetened the pot with Walsh or something. That way, we get some depth in outfield, get a starter, and actually gain depth in our farm - only by giving up infield depth! We can probably spend the spring getting Pederson ready to play 1B, which gives u some more infield depth. And, Jones looks about ready to start gettin
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