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  1. No one is perfect. Ned made decisions on what he thought was right. It got him killed. The end.
  2. Sure there is honor in not stabbing someone in the back when you are fighting, but if you can't see that there's an epic difference in what Jaime Lannister did and what Howland Reed did then I don't know what to tell you.
  3. Yo Schil (and book readers) Spoiler for possible spoilers?
  4. Next week we get the Tower of Joy. I've got a semi just thinking about it. Hopefully it lives up to its expectations.
  5. The North families will rally against the Boltons and the bitch ass Karstarks and I can't wait when Ramsay gets what's coming to him.
  6. I agree they are unwatchable, but they are also extremely popular, especially Talking Dead.
  7. Don't know the guy and didn't watch the aftershow but after googling pictures of him, he definitely seems like a Silverlake prick.
  8. They obviously saw how popular the Talking Dead show is and tried to replicate it.
  9. Unfortunately you're probably right
  10. Admit it Schil, you know if they had done it on the show like in the books with Wyman Manderly it would have been awesome. We are losing characters to root for. Wyman was a breath of fresh air for me.
  11. I'm guessing the Wildlings take out the Watch members that killed Jon, the Sansa joins up with them and they attack the Boltons at Winterfell taking over the North. I'm still pissed we didn't get a Wyman Manderly in the show (or at least yet)
  12. Brandon is still holding on to Jon Snow being dead for good and or not going to be on the show anymore? He was one of the first names in the opening credits. Surely they will put his name on the opening credits of the season if he's only in the first episode... He's going to come back to life via magic. Stop telling yourself otherwise.
  13. I wanted to go see the Pogues the last time they were out here but tickets were $50 and I knew it was going to be depressing. Glad I didn't go by the sound of it.
  14. I'll also add to my list of 3, Dick Dale at the Slidebar. I still feel honored to see a legend in such a small place. Absolutely incredible live.
  15. You're absolutely right Ray. Most people would skip over him when talking about great concerts. He was by far the most entertaining person I've ever seen. Played like 2 hours, outfit changes for every song, band sounded incredible. Had a smile on my face the whole time.
  16. Weird Al at the OC Fair Simon and Garfunkel in LA The Specials in LA
  17. I'm not petty enough to call everyone out on their hyperbole (it would be a full time job). I just know Nate is overreacting just a tad on Bernie's power (or lack thereof) to destroy America as we know it.
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