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  1. "but something something Obama" - FS79
  2. I'd vote for about anyone before Ben Carson. The guy gives me the biggest set of douche chills
  3. I'd also love to read a non-Onion article on that.
  4. Naturally we are talking about the diehard Catholic, fascist Bak.
  5. I second the motion to bring Bak back on a trial basis.
  6. Thought Bak was back. Bummer to find out it was just Calscuf.
  7. FS79's relentless defense is Knight level for sure.
  8. 3 of them is FS79 defending but not defending the Trump campaign. O valiant Knight of justice.
  9. FS79 has slowly been becoming my favorite poster on this site
  10. ...that only tracks white men The title should say. Color me shocked that Trump has a slim lead on the white male vote.
  11. Just because you guys were buying dental dams in bulk at Costco together doesn't mean it was a dental meeting
  12. Well it is the most popular name in the world. I wouldn't have bet against it.
  13. So then it's true that you would vote for him because he's not Hillary and not because he has points A-G that you agree with? I'm not paying much attention to Trump or the things that he says so I'm not sure other than the wall, what else he's been promising/wanting as president.
  14. So you are a possible Trump supporter then?
  15. Maybe they can do that in the Hillary thread Jay. In the Trump thread, Trump is discussed. Easy enough? I know there are Trump voters on the spin forum, I'd love to know the reasons they are voting for him. Not so they can get grilled, but I'm just interested to know the things Trump plans to do as president to make them vote for him.
  16. So other than definitely making Mexico pay for a border wall, does Trump have any other type of platform...?
  17. So we should just keep dumping young men and money in that area. It's been going great so far.
  18. That's the word on the street. That meteor is front and center in the opening credits and talked about all throughout the book. I don't see it happening in the show though. They showed one shot of it I believe in the first episode but that's it.
  19. He's a catholic bro, THEY'RE DIFFERENT!
  20. If they want to stay in the EU that much then they might just be willing to unite the Island. That's if the EU doesn't dissolve first.
  21. His voters won't know how stupid this tweet makes him look (nor would they care ultimate)
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