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  1. Oh, they have roommates... just not with teammates.
  2. Going to a game soon with my 5 year old daughter. I imagine there will be a memorial under the hats similar to Adenhart. Not sure how I'm going to explain to her why there are flowers as we enter the park. I know she is going to ask questions. Maybe I'll just start with "It's not a good idea to associate yourself with people from Oakland."
  3. I've had Vue for 2 years now and not once have I had a freezing issue. Sounds like a device is causing it to freeze. Back when I signed up I was using Roku, but the UI was horrible. The FireTv fixed that. But I'm sure Vue has updated the roku UI since then. With Vue I also get Fox Sports San Diego which is a nice bonus. I had Hulu for a short time but ditched it since the Vue already had the same shows I watched.
  4. You could have made your point without the insult. You are becoming more of an ass in your old age. You also could have read my follow up that using Trout was a bad example.
  5. Yeah, used the wrong player to make my point. Bottom line is that asking a star player to bunt as an "adjustment" against the shift is not good for MLB.
  6. So you would be happy if Trout bunted the ball every time he was at the plate? Trust me, teams will still shift because a bunted single is better than what he could actually do swinging the bat.
  7. Bryce has zero impact on whatever decision Trout does with his career. Bryce is ultra competitive and wants to win. So of course he wants the best player in baseball to be his teammate. None of this shocking.
  8. Wait, you're telling me the AOL email I just got about their dial up internet might be fake?!
  9. I like it. I can ride a ferry before the game, then after the game park my car on that boat to take me back.
  10. If Boras represented you while expressing your desire to be signed by Thanksgiving, he would get it done.
  11. Boras works for the player and what THEY want. Weaver wanted to stay an Angel and Boras worked out a deal. When Adenhart passed, he was front and center at the press conference. Guy was seriously heart broken at the loss of Nick, and not the potential money. Boras is great and getting what the player wants. Of course I would have him represent me. I know he will take the heat if I wanted to play for a different organization.
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