The Official 2020 Major League Baseball Season Updates Thread

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1 hour ago, beatlesrule said:

It sounds as if there’s serious contemplation of a potential end to the just-launched 2020 MLB campaign. Per Jeff Passan of, commissioner Rob Manfred informed MLBPA chief Tony Clark that the league could halt the campaign if problematic recent developments aren’t turned around.

Because the players couldn’t refrain from whatever for 2-3 months.

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2 hours ago, Stradling said:

This should be a reminder to people that talk about the death rate going down and doing their very best to downplay the seriousness of Covid that there are other really serious affects of Covid.  

For a large chunk of people, they will remain apathetic and/or in denial about something until it has personally affected them in some way (e.g., they or a family member are hospitalized with COVID).

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8 minutes ago, ScottT said:

Too many people lump people into one group or another.... one side or another... political party... etc.  People are more complicated, nuanced, than that.  Such things have always driven me crazy.  Now?  Oy vey.

Who's lumping?

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