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2020 Election  

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My company doesn’t give two shits about what I post online. I’m free do post what I please. 

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19 minutes ago, calscuf said:


Total douche move.  The old man that likes to sniff hair is too good for money from a dude that likes to jerk off with ladies watching?

he's taking the high moral ground.

plus he only accepts money from big pharma and planned parenthood and . . . 

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2 minutes ago, tdawg87 said:

IMO if you post all your sources from Fox News you immediately surrender your rights to criticize any other source of media.

It's not even a source of media they are referring to, it's The View. 

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This is probably the worst election of my life (past and present) in terms of our options. Trump is almost as bad if a human being as Hitler, and Biden has advanced dementia. It’s unbelievable that out of 330,000,000 people, these are our two best options. 

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2 minutes ago, calscuf said:

Did he suggest the rest of Germany use it as a medicine?

No. Scientists have studied it for years but most of the compounds have been extremely lethal in rats and dogs. Only the dr oz crowd continues to explore. I didn’t know the Germans did it until yesterday 

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