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  1. I have a life-size Albert Pujols cardboard cutout that would look great in the front row behind the dugout.
  2. The spicy ranch dipping sauce is criminal. Now I'm hungry. Hello nacho supreme with no sour creme and a Baja blast.
  3. You must like them too, dawg! I don't like the term "rolled tacos" ~ sounds mean.
  4. I want the taquitos at Taco Bell to come back.
  5. Dear black folks ~ please listen to Chris Rock.
  6. I can't be reasoned with about hunting. And I know I'm hypocritical about it, because I'm not a vegetarian,. The act of snuffing out an animal's life, or even an insect, is a slap in the face to our great creator.
  7. Anything that is white in your kitchen should be thrown out.
  8. A long time ago I watched a John Stossel special on Socialism. I didn't know what it was, and I learned a lot. He explained how Hong Kong works, India as a socialist democracy, etc. Hint ~ it should be shown in our schools.
  9. If they're in your neighborhood, what do you do?