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Could Yu Darvish be the best pitcher in MLB?

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-on pace for most Ks in a decade (315)

-12.7 k/9

-WHIP under 1

-"Darvish is on track to become just the third 26-year-old in baseball history to reach 300 strikeouts"

We could be witnessing the emergence of a once in a generation player. He definitely belongs in the conversation with Kershaw, King Felix and Verlander as the best pitcher in baseball.

More: http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/05/28/yu-darvish-is-on-pace-for-the-most-strikeouts-in-a-decade/

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Hes almost there but not quite. Kershaw is still above and beyond the best pitcher in the game. Darvish still gives up the big hit/run games.

He was dominating until giving up the game-tying 2-run homer to Gregorius in the 8th inning.


He's on pace to double his home-runs-allowed total of last year, but he is walking far fewer hitters and is on pace for the 300 K's. Hitters should be expecting him to be near the plate most of the time.

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He's the best pitcher in the AL right now. Kershaw is still the best pitcher in baseball though. A lefty with big stuff and he's still only 25 years old. He may still have his best seasons yet to come and yet he's already notched a Cy Young award under his belt as well as routinely striking out 200+ guys a season

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You cannot call someone who had less then 5 years in the mlb "the best in baseball". Grienke had an ERA of like 2.17 one year. One year means nothing. Get back to me in 3 years if he is able to keep thus up for the rest of the year and then several more to follow.

Until then, Kershaw is by far the best. He had one season, his first, that he posted an ERA under 3. His career ERA is 2.7. Nobody that has at least 5 years under their belt even comes close to that besides Roy Halladay.

Jered Weaver is still my favorite pitcher because even when he doesn't pitch well the team still rallies around him, but Kershaw is just a better pitcher.

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