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  1. ouch. this kind of outcome was obvious, but still sad. pour kid. 20-Year-Old Robinhood Customer Dies By Suicide After Seeing A $730,000 Negative Balance
  2. the hertz story is so hilarious. f*cking robinhood traders, at least they are making that bankruptcy interesting.
  3. i'm down for this and the top gun sequel. anything is better than comic book movies.
  4. next was debbie dootson school of trucking. and then ITT tech. but usc was a solid 5th. i even had my crew team photos ready to go for the application.
  5. i earned my degree at home thanks to a scholarship to sally struthers school of gun repair. barbazon was my fallback.
  6. ha. i do. does my friend in her bikini still show up on your phone when i call? call incoming.
  7. goldfinger is great, check that one out. also thunderball. no way could hollywood ever make them anymore. the jokes and innuendos, and he's such a mysoginist it's hilarious. i mean the chick's name is literally "Pussy Galore."
  8. drinking belgian beer in belgium is the best. brussels man, such a great town.
  9. Hit me up next time you're near NB, I've got a ton. I'll pour you as much as you want. It's not too difficult to find if you know where to look these days. The best is places that serve it on tap, now that's a delicious rarity. Pliny the Younger though, now that's a bitch to get in a glass. But so damn good.
  10. lol. f*cking wilek margulies.
  11. brisket. i don't have a smoker so, if it turns out good let me know and i'll volunteer to verify.