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  1. Great memories of collecting cards. I still have a sh*t ton of them at my parents house. Full sets, unopened boxes, tons in plastic/glass, tons of folders and sheets. Baseball, basketball, hockey and football. I remember going to card shows at Anaheim Convention Center and doing pack wars. Or card shops to get the latest Beckett magazine. And doing heated trades with friends. Man those were great days.
  2. Not all things - money is historically cheap right now.
  3. The first one was so good. The other two I only remember Monica Belucci.
  4. The FAIL thread. I straight up couldn't breathe - was laughing so hard at work.
  5. im in the truckee VIP suite, come on over. ps we need more sauerkraut, tequila and quarters. wear your best white, four-pocket shirts.
  6. f*ck you! you scarface c*nt! ALLLLLLLLLLLRIGHT (powerful, yet subtle hand gesture emphasizing his restrained power that can be unleashed at will), THAT'S ENOUGH!! (hand switches over, making clear to this russian mobster he does in fact means business).
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