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  1. I love The Olde Ship in Fullerton. British pub/restaurant.
  2. i'm old school when it comes to steak. i follow the tuscany way: olive oil, salt, pepper. put the focus on good meat and good red wine and you're golden.
  3. Great win over UCLA too - my first night game at the Rose Bowl. Was a blast, but cold as balls!
  4. Huge win - got the AXE back baby!! First time since 2009 to beat Stanford. Woot woot!
  5. Had lunch next to Boras a couple months ago in Newport Beach. He was with the kid (and his parents) who soon after decided to skip the draft and go play in Japan. Nothing to add... it was delicious lunch on the water and he seemed nice.
  6. Is it on Amex? Dispute it through them - they'll always side with customers. Let them tell Lyft to f*ck off.
  7. Trout is awesome. Great season. But as good as those numbers are.. my favorite is still Bonds in 2004: .362/.602/.812 If you had a baseball player who went 2 for 5 every single game with a single and a homer all year long... they’d still have a lower OPS than Bonds in 2004.
  8. 8pm start time - did they announce that? I thought it was still TBD.
  9. And Atticus Ross does the music to the show, along with Trent Reznor. The circle is complete! ... now let me go chop a chiffarobe.
  10. I dunno wtf the happened this week. Worst I can remember...
  11. never seen any of these. but i've heard the hbo one is pretty good. "watchmen" always makes me think of "go set a watchman," harper lee's book that was written before "to kill a mockingbird" but just published a few years ago. it was ok.
  12. Ah she was the best! Even more fun when she awkwardly introduces us to her boyfriend the next morning.
  13. Costco has a great deal on saukraut right now. I'll stock up. I'll let Sloan know too. She can bring her own quarters.