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Frieri DONE as closer!

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He will continue as the closer because we have nobody else.  There is no guarantee when it comes Madson.

I definitely don't see Madson being effective enough this year to close. Most likely candidate IMO is Richards if he can improve his command like Jepsen did in the second half of 2012. 

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Mike made the right move at the right time. I hope Frieri knows that the closers role is not his simply by default or entitlement. He is expected to produce, and when you are given a 3 run cushion to work with you had better deliver the goods. Mike wanted, and knew the importance here of winning, and did what was necessary to give the team the best chance - and didn't worry about a grown man's feelings. You don't do the job, we will bring in someone that will. In doing so he served notice that he expects much better from the guys in the bullpen. I like it!

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Rolls eyes at Scioscia though saying just now that Frieri has been getting the job done.

I don't think 16 BBs in 20 2/3 innings is "getting it done".




I think a 90% save rate has been getting it done.  Nice cherry-picking of stats.


That said, Scioscia was right to pull him out and I understand the questioning of him.  But bitching about Scioscia saying that, after Scioscia made the right call by removing him, is just looking for something to bitch about. 

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Yeah seriously. Mad props to Scioscia for taking him out. Frieri was primed and ready to be walked off on.


The only reason he was left in that long, IMO, was that there were two out and Scioscia believed that sooner or later he had to get the last out somehow. After the base hit and the walk, he had seen enough with two runs already in.


It would have been too ironic, with Blanton in line for his first win of the year, and the bullpen blows a three-run lead in the bottom of the ninth.

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