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A's to acquire Zobrist and Escobar


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Jaso became expendable when they signed Butler.


Zobrist a good pick up - gives them an advantage over us at 2B for 2015 at least.


Escobar -- who is this guy again?


depending on how much they're paying everyone (and it's the A's so I'm sure it's not much and TB is paying part of Zobrist's contract?), probably another Beane steal.


helps make more sense out of the Butler signing which to me was not a Billy Beane like acquisition.  Butler struggled power wise/ BA wise this past season in KC -- which is not necessarily a pitcher's park but certainly isn't a hitter's park -- not sure how Butler will fare at Raider's ballpark.  Lot of K's which may be better than the GIDP and the shots he hits may be a 'can of corn' in the old Red Barber vernacular of years ago -- any one here even know who Red Barber was?

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since the other thread is considered the craig... lol
this is just more of the same old same old... try to be competitive for a bit and get something they can flip to get more prospects... its a joke that has been proven to not actually work, but what choice do they actually have i guess.

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What are they doing! I never know what they're doing.


I don’t get the people who say the A’s offseason makes no sense. It makes the most sense. Why have a five-year rebuild if you don’t have to?


I figured that was the easiest way of answering that.


Also, Chuck! I'll take that bet...best 2 out of 3 (we're 1 and 1 so far)?!

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I think what Beane is doing is reading the market and stockpiling players he believes will be valuable commodities at the trade deadline where he can maximize their value in terms of prospects. I'm guessing Zobrist, Escobar and Butler will all be flipped for a ridiculous amount of talent at the AA level and the A's will be back in contention in 3 years.

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I usually don't get so contrarian to the board but I completely disagree about the A's ability to contend.


They have above average players now at virtually every position. Those that need platooning, like Ike Davis have good platoon partners.


The A's will not be a pushover in 2015. I'm not saying they are going to bust down doors but they will be in the mix for 1st place. If they hit the deadline and they are out you'll see the sell-off some of you spoke about but until then they have solid starting pitching (Gray, Pomeranz, Nolin), a great bullpen (Doolittle, O'Flaherty, Cook, Otero), above average defense (Lawrie, Yunel, Zobrist, to name a few) and a good mix of offensive pieces (Davis/Butler, Reddick, Vogt, Zobrist).


I know the myriad of trades has thrown everyone off but you should see their team for what it is: a potential winner.

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