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  1. Gotta say I like this move better than the Harvey signing. Say what you will about fantasy sites (and they are certainly flawed), but I've always had alot of respect for Matthew Pouliot over at rotoworld. In his September preview for 2019, he listed as the #67 SP, with Matt Harvey #94. The October Fangraphs ranking has Trevor at #80, Harvey not in the top 100. I guess I can see Cahill as a legit #3 SP, which I CAN'T see Harvey as. I mean, at one time Harvey was a quality pitcher; now, he's just who he is. l think in his case, perception is trailing reality. But in Cahill, you don't have
  2. Apparently Doug White has begun his work with Matt Harvey...
  3. See, this is where my concern is. Honestly, you can argue production the rest of the winter (and we probably will). He used to be good. Had some setbacks. Beginning a comeback. Is it a mirage? is it redemption? Time will tell. If that's all there was to the story, then yeah; great gamble! But I feel like I've seen this movie before. Ya can't fix stupid, and there's nothing in Harveys recent or distant past that tells me he can handle the 'away from baseball' temptations. Staying out til 4 in the morning on days he's pitching; then showing up late because he's tired.... I ain't judgin'
  4. It's not the arm I'm worried about; it's the 10 cent brain. Oh, and it's also the arm.
  5. Going on record that Garrett Richards will have a better season in 2019. Yes, I know.
  6. Other peoples toys always look more fun
  7. Heard they hired Josh Hamilton to babysit him....
  8. I'd take those numbers over Harold freakin' Baines.
  9. Matt Esparza - had some success early, but struggled the last couple years. Maybe a clean peanut? Or, at least, a slightly tarnished one?
  10. The hit sequencing issue seems really insightful to me. Without digging too deeply, it just seems like the "need", or perhaps "felt need" to put AP in the heart of the order could be responsible for alot of that. I was never on the Dump Scioscia bandwagon, but creating an effective lineup is the managers most important day-to-day contribution. I don't know if Ausmus will have the leeway (or the stones) to make lineup modifications, but that sure seems to be an area that needs to be shored up.
  11. Can we create a position for 'Zen Coach'? Or maybe that's the "Z" in Zhealth?
  12. Oh my gosh! That's unbelievable! So sorry to hear this Chuck - RIP Beerman
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