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Angels exploring Irvine for new stadium.

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this is obviously all designed to put pressure on the City of Anaheim........so good for Arte !!


There's a deal with the Angels and Anaheim that can get done -- the COA needs to stop the games.......the full council approved the framework of an offer and the Mayor (the dissenting one vote in a 4 to 1 approval vote for the offer) yanked it back.......there are some legitimate concerns that the COA has -- for example, Arte and the Angels need to commit to any related development deal with the surrounding land and if he tries to flip the development rights (I don't think the COA can outright forbid Arte from doing so) instead of having developing the property himself with one of his development entities -- then the lease rate and any negotiated cash pay out by the Halos should increase significantly.......at this point, the best thing may be to un-couple the whole development concept and just negotiate a straight lease for another 10 to 20 years and, if Arte really wants to construct a new baseball only type ballpark (something that would be a very reasonable thing for Arte and the Angels to want), the time-table for that and specific terms regarding certain lease issues during the 'departure years' (the two year period at the end of the lease when the new ball park is being built) should be part of the extension terms......


Having said this. the best place for the Angels is the location where they are now........a new ballpark on that site could be a possibility in the future.........there's a lot of mistrust between the Angels and COA -- it's getting in the way of deal being done and things are likely to heat up with the release of the city financed 'appraisal' which is likely to be highly tilted to the COA position on all issues.

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I don't even need to read the report, the article referenced, or the replies in this thread.


Never going to happen.




I could go into a long descriptive explanation, but I won't bore you with the details.


Just don't waste your time on this Story, it's not happening, 100%.

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Eric -- I am sure you are correct.........it's a bargaining ploy.


besides, it's part of the El Toro Marine Base property and, as you obviously know, there's a long history of development battles over that property.


some folks would consider an MLB ballpark worse than an airport. Nuff said.

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