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  1. That's why I put the wink in my post.Long Beach is also never going to happen for the same reason. You have to be able to get to the game!
  2. Ingress egress wouldn't be much worse than Long Beach.?
  3. Good luck getting home on city streets when the game is over.
  4. Saw him pitch against Cal State Fullerton. After a few pitches I asked my buddy " who the hell is this guy"? His answer, "I think he's their ace!" I didn't know at the time he would become one of my favorite Angels player.
  5. Are you trying to win a stupid post of the year contest? The Angels made Trout rich beyond his wildest dreams.
  6. Get your 5 year old involved in Little League and make it fun. No yelling, just cheering. It will change your life to see the joy of baseball again. My 21 yo son and I have season tickets to Cal State Fullerton baseball and we both prefer going there to the 3 or 4 trips we take each year to Angel stadium.
  7. Remember when a bunch of posters thought Conger was a great catcher but his only problem that jerk Scioscia didn't like him and was holding him back? Good times.
  8. Great announcer. Very funny man. Johnny Carson show favorite.
  9. So I can tell you haven't been here long.
  10. Several years ago Disney told the city of Anaheim to either fix up the city around Disneyland or we will not put any more money in the park. Look at the area now. Maybe Moreno is trying that move. He doesn't want to spend when he's not even sure where his home will be.