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  1. I think Marsh could be the one to do it. I was thinking more of right though.
  2. Do they still allow outside food? What as re the feral cats going to do?
  3. We're barely on the second page here guys! I expected someone to state that this guy is the piece....
  4. That's like saying he was good when he didn't suck.
  5. I was thinking the same. Of course it's on them. I'm assuming Helton is because of the park he played in. Or is there other factors?
  6. The Angels are always the other team, mean to drive the price up. I don't think anyone seriously wants to come here.
  7. Wait! You thought Vlad was meh? I remember having a perpetual smile on my face when they signed him. You know who Stoneman was calling about right? Mr Viagra, Ralphie Palmiero.
  8. Seems like conversations would be weird if you're ignoring one of the members.
  9. I must not follow the right people on Parlor. Mine was rather dull.
  10. The Reds in the '70s won a lot of games with #3 starters (and worse)
  11. I remember a story of his when he was with the Cubs. They were completely out of it at the end of the season and the manager said they should be playing for any records they could get. In the game, Jay had already hit a triple and a home run, and his next at bat he slowed down and took a double even though he could have got another triple. He got fined by the manager.
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