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  1. Thank you for pointing out my skidmarkyness. Although I have gotten better since I got older.
  2. 1st quote is from Eight Men Out, about Shoeless Joe Jackson.
  3. Just thinking that if Robles is a 35 save closer, the rest of the bullpen will be in good roles. This could be a 95 win team.
  4. I believe in the Easter Bunny. Something about her bushy tail.
  5. I just hope that every visiting team makes the Asterisks be strip searched before every game. And insist that every time a player goes through tunnel that they get strip searched again.
  6. With the meniscus it could have been torn a long time ago. It probably finished tearing when spring training ramped uo.
  7. Wow this is really log thread - and the trade may not happen.
  8. I used to think when someone was diagnosed as stage 4 that they delayed finding out, and knew they were sick. Until one of my best friends died. She went from diagnosis and told she had a few months to live to me being called that she was unconscious and had hours. I will always miss her. And @tdawg87, I hope cancer gets AIDS too!
  9. @Chuckster70 You need to make the haha comment closer to the like. Us old people have to mouse over several times to get it. I guess I don't mouse in a straight line.
  10. 1st. Of course I have said that every year since 1977, so my track record isn't that good.
  11. Just give him the money. The Angels will look cool, and the Dogs will look like a$$holes.
  12. I remember this guy named Chuck that got permanently banned from a board I used to frequent. I stopped posting there and started posting here in 2004. Chuck and I have been friends (with the rest of you) ever since.