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  1. Yeah Aybar shouldn't get in the hall either.
  2. Your ancestors must not have come from Europe. Sauerkraut goes with everything.
  3. That is the sad reality. It’s interesting what we considered important just a few weeks ago. Stay safe my friends.
  4. If they do several double headers it might be manageable. Also thinking outside the box would help as well Expand the ML rosters to 28. Allow an new option for journeyman types so they can be moved back and forth from AAA to the majors. I never liked the option rule when it came to a fringe player near the end of their career. You would think that the union would protect players like that, but they don't.
  5. I've been working from home, it's not that bad. I feel for some of the casino workers - Boyd Group and TI basically gave the full timers a week pay and told to file for unemployment. Part timers were laid off. My wife went a little nuts on food, but now I think it might be a good thing.
  6. Will baseball make an exemption that Albert can leave his walker by the batter's box when he hits?
  7. So what makes a troll? Is there a ratio of decent comments compared to asinine comments? And if my ratio is too low, do I need to be a jerk more?
  8. Years back I was in Chicago at a White Sox game. It was the Red Sox vs the White Sox and I got hammered and kept shouting Go Sox!! And laughing at my own joke. Anyway there were two guys behind me and one was a fish. He kept ordering more beers, and his buddy asked him :"Why don't you take one of mine?" "No those are yours" " But I have THREE of them, plus the one I'm working on!!" Good times.
  9. Thank you for pointing out my skidmarkyness. Although I have gotten better since I got older.
  10. 1st quote is from Eight Men Out, about Shoeless Joe Jackson.
  11. Just thinking that if Robles is a 35 save closer, the rest of the bullpen will be in good roles. This could be a 95 win team.