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Puig getting death threats from smugglers


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For at least three weeks, the Zetas-backed gangsters held Puig, Despaigne and the others at a seedy boarding house while they tried to negotiate with Pacheco and others for payment. If they didn’t get it, they told their captives, they would hack off one of the outfielder’s arms with a machete.







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As a teammate I would not go anywhere outside of the stadium security with Puig, ever. He is a marked man and the cartels really don't care about collateral damage as long as they get their revenge. 


This has been a story in the Cuban exile community for quite some time, it's interesting to see it in the national press now.  Not sure how deeply into the subject the story in the LA magazine goes... I haven't read it, but the storyline out here paints a pretty ugly picture of Puig and the situation as a whole.  He's alleged to have reneged on some agreements including some dealings with Mexican mafia types and then tried to shield himself by seeking out the authorities and legal council.  Looking for help from the police is the sane thing to do but those cartel types don't like that very much.  The term marked man has been used A LOT out here.

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Yes, let's blame Puig for trying to leave a corrupt state run by a tyrannical dictator to pursue his dream of playing professional baseball on the world's largest stage.

Dude could cure Alzheimer's disease and people would still focus on his faults. Unreal.



Since you didn't quote anyone -- who or what are you responding to?   Saying he's in danger because of his dealings with Zetas isn't a criticism or casting of blame so much as it's an observation.   As far I know nobody has blamed him for wanting out of Cuba.  

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To me it's just further evidence that the Dodgers, likely through some heavyset fans in the bleachers, have connections with the Mexican mafia/ drug cartels.

If the Zetas really had this guy, who do you think they'd try to sell him to? The Twins? The Rockies?

Magic & Co. Are probably still paying off the cartel.

This is one of the stupidest comment I have ever read. Did you read the article? The dodgers had no ties to Puig at this time. 

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What a mess. Interesting that a security detail has been attached to the Dodgers since he was called up last season. Seems the Dodgers were cognisent of the situation yet did not inform the team, as Mattingly claims no knowledge of this event.

I don't blame Puig for taking drastic measures to escape. None of us could imagine what he has gone through. However, if there has indeed been legitimate threats on his life, the risk far outweighs the reward, for the organization.

While somewhat unlikely, who is to say that the cartel doesn't "send Puig a message" by engaging in a violent event that takes place in and around the stadium. Yes, insert Dodger fan joke here. It seems unlikely but an organization would need to take this possibility into consideration.

This is not mentioning that money that tHe Dodgers gave an employee is being given to various criminals and possible criminal enterprises. The whole situation is a mess. I sure hope the Dodgers were not privy of all of this from the get go.

I hope for Puigs sake that he can rid himself of this situation but it seems to me that it is a near impossibility to do so.

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The problem with retribution from the Zetas, is that they would rather sell drugs to the US, and not wage war.  If there was a major event at Doggie stadium like some here suggest.  Then the war on drugs would again take center stage over the war on terror.  


The Drug cartels would rather have the US citizens continue to stick their heads in the sand saying what's the harm in drugs?  Than put the harm in drugs front and center.  

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Did anybody read the LA Mag story? Puig is probably more of an asset to the Zetas alive due to future earnings, but if he doesn't continue to pay a %, then I don't see how you can say he isn't in any danger. 


Like they'll do something at Dodgers stadium. It'll likely be family members first. 


Crazy finds crazy.. I don't think Puig will have a long MLB career. Glad it's not our problem.

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I think theres been a couple of these guys under similar circs. I guess puig stands out because hes a biggfer name and backed out of his end of the bargain.

Doubt the Z would do anything to him....I doubt.

Doing something to someone he likes is a different story. A name that isnt newsworthy, but someone hes friends with kind of thing.

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