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A-Rod's lawyer says some tied to PEDs are 'god-like in Boston'


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This may be the only leverage he has left... of course hes going to play it... "mess with me i bring down a lot of others"... people bashed Canseco who ended up largely right, why not.


right or wrong these days suspicion is all that matters it seems according to baseball voters. 

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i imagine it would be pretty devastating to an awful lot of beantown fans if it could proven that ortiz was on the juice. they LOVE that guy.


i'm not sure anyone outside of his mom and children loves arod. of course, that doesn't begin to scratch the surface of how much arod loves arod.

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I am of the belief that Boston Fans will love Ortiz regardless of whether or not he took PEDs. Not that I could blame them. For the most part we hate these cheaters because they are also bad guys. I don't hear people saying how much they hate Andy Petite or Wally Joyner, but we do all hate Bonds and Clemens. Guess what? We hated them before they were on roids, because they were dicks.

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i'm not saying that ortiz is not or was not a steroid user, but a new york newspaper telling me he tested positive in the "survey" carries absolutely no weight with me, neither does his height because he's always been huge as far as i know of him. if he tests positive, then that'll be a different story altogether. i absolutely hate steroids and all cheating, but there must be a burden of proof.


also, how much of a dirtbag is arod and his lawyer? no concept of the brotherhood of mlb players. that guy is going to sink a long way down and with noone to even pity him.

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Pretty funny how the world doping agency -- always critical of MLB and it's policies came out today and lauded MLB for the way it went about this and how it chose to look beyond the tests and to the BS happening behind the scenes.


Tacopina and Arod are out on an Island on this.

totally.  It was clear that he thought he had something on MLB as a whistleblower and was threatening to go public.  It was only a matter of time till it happened.  Initial reports had 90+ athletes listed or part of the Balco report.  I think Arod is gonna start naming names. 

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