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  1. The "lake" at Mission Viejo has been filled with potable water for years. They are just now looking at other sources b/c of the restrictions...
  2. I knew who Andi picked b/c I googled to see which professional baseball team the guy played for. Old news. They broke up. Nice ring Chris picked out. Did he have to pay for it? So this new format with 2 bachelorettes isn't being received well.
  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/report-hamilton-did-cocaine-at-strip-club-after-fight-with-wife/ar-AA9BaeL?ocid=iehp Hamilton admitted several years ago that he does not carry cash or credit cards because he can’t trust himself, so he allegedly wrote himself a check to cash.
  4. I got the Roku thinking I might stream MLB to my TV. Never did it. There are free channels but they are worthless. I haven't used it for streaming pay per view movies from HULU or VUDU or any other channel. Actually VUDU lets you purchase movies but not interested. So the Roku is just sitting there - I turn it on occasionally to keep the battery alive.
  5. I have a Roku and haven't paid any subscription fees to stream from anyone. Yet. I did get a message that there is a new SLING channel. So HBO NOW is stand-alone and you don't need to subscribe to HBO with your tv service?
  6. FSW feed beaks up A LOT. You'd think they would have fixed that from last year.
  7. http://losangeles.angels.mlb.com/schedule/broadcast/index.jsp?c_id=ana ST games are also on FSW.
  8. Watching all my favorites : AI, Survivor, Amazing Race, and DWTS when it starts. AI has a nice group of kids this year.
  9. The guy didn't know he wasn't paying taxes? Hmmm. I thought here in CA tax lien property was auctioned off to pay the back taxes. Anyways, he can't sell without a clear title?
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