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Well okay then...Brian Wilson confronts Giants CEO over World Series Ring


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Brian Wilson, wearing Dodger blue, took the extraordinary step of walking across the field after the Giants’ 3-2 victory, leaning over the railing and shouting at Giants CEO Larry Baer.


“Just a conversation between me and him,” said Wilson, when I asked him what that was all about. 


But as we told you first on CSNBayArea.com, Wilson was steamed that he still hasn’t received his 2012 World Series ring, and he was letting Baer know he wasn’t happy about it.


As for the Giants? They can't believe this is happening. Club vice president Staci Slaughter said Wilson's ring was made in time for the ring ceremony in April, but he declined an invitation. Slaughter said several members of the organization, including Baer, manager Bruce Bochy and VP Bobby Evans, have tried over the last seven months to arrange a meeting with Wilson but their calls weren't returned.


The Giants finally gave the ring to a Dodgers official on Sunday and asked that it be passed along to Wilson.


"It's disappointing. It's unfortunate. It's bizarre, really," Slaughter said. "This organization really has tried to do the right thing and I don't know where this is coming from. It wasn't for a lack of effort on our part. Larry, Bobby, Bochy -- everybody has made an effort to reach out to him."


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He blows out his arm..than STAYS IN  (an April game),,pitches in 2 games and wants a ring.


Wilson has put up good stats (so far) this year, but the ones before were more near Carlos Marmol than Craig Kimbrel.

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Aaron Hill is from my hometown and ran into him years ago. He roomed with Wilson back in LSU and said Brian is crazier than he shows on TV. Could you imagine being roommates with him in college? Sounds like great times. Aaron at the time was playing in Toronto and wanted to sign with a California team. He got close signing with Arizona.

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Nice one side of the story article there.


As for Wilson, the Angels should sign him.  He wants to be a closer, wants to stay in CA.  We need bullpen help. 


Well, if there's another side of the story that comes out(i.e. Wilson explains the situation), I'll happily share that as well.


Although I don't know that there's a side of this story that justifies walking across the field and yelling at your former team's CEO in plain view of everyone at the end of the game.


For now though, this is all there is to this story.

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Interesting that it is Wilson who takes the high road and doesn't speak to the press about it.


Where exactly is this high road other than off a cliff? The guys actions were bizarre and in front of the public and press. Wilson refuses to talk because he made an ass of himself.

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