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More Hamilton Analysis


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I am convinced he was a PED user.

Nothing would surprise me when it comes to PED's at this point....but, if he wasn't using PED's, you have to remember that he is now at an age (32) when lots of baseball players and athletes start a decline....some start earlier than others....it wouldn't surprise me if he's just in a predictable 30 something decline....Hopefully he bounces back some next year but he's simply not going to be the player he was in his 20's....Roger Clemens was starting the usual decline of a 30 something athlete when his "workout reigmen" helped him to a rejuvinated career.....yeah right.....I don't think Vernon Wells was using (though, again, I wouldn't be surprised by anything)....I think he was just declining at around the same age as Hamilton....

Having said all that, you are probably right...he was probably using....

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Pujols and Hamilton don't have to take PEDs anymore since they signed their last contracts they will ever get. Especially in the case of Albert Pujols. Why risk your health when you're going to get paid no matter what and the contract you've signed will take you to the end of your career? Time to sit back and enjoy. Pujols will continue to have a new excuse every year for why he sucks. Next year, it will probably be an elbow issue. Then the knee in 2015. And so on.


Never sign players to long-term contracts that will take them to the end of their careers. It usually never works out well. Build around young players.

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how about the main reason he isn't hitting the ball as hard is because he leads the league in seeing breaking balls and off speed stuff.  The ball comes off the bat slower in those cases.  Also, the ball goes further in Arlington than Anaheim so that could account for the distance differences. 


The reason he's had more success the last couple of weeks is that he's laying off the low and slow stuff away.  Or at least he's doing a better job. 


It appears he's never had to do much adjusting before.  Or he's adjusted enough in the past to where pitchers didn't think they could get away with throwing him that same low and away change-up or breaker over and over and over. 


I do think it's mental but one of the long term effects of chronic drug use (and in particular things like amphetamines) is vision problems. 

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He does have an .810 OPS over the last two+ months (since June 25), so maybe he is making adjustments.  I don't expect him to become a .900 OPS player ever again, but at least he won't be a total waste if he can put up numbers between .825-.850 (which of course is no given).

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To be fair, he has been hitting much better the last 20 games. Many won't agree, but I don't think it is a physical thing, but a mental one.

Hopefully he can stay hot the rest of the year and start fresh in 2014.

It probably is mostly mental, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is an underlying physical decline. In fact, I'd be surprised if that WASN'T happening, PEDs or no.

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Against LHP, Hamilton is very close to an automatic out.  By himself he will keep dozens of lefties employed in MLB.  I believe his stats may be upticking (could they get much worse?) due to facing more righties.  Like the Albert Pujols he will be another year into his 30s.  Wishing & hoping either will suddenly find their stroke is fools gold I believe. 

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