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Sosh Bobblehead night coming up - announcement??


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Still waiting for the announcement on Sioscia's status for 2019.

Thought the Halos would have made it some time this week.......or do they wait until a day or two after the World Series ends?

Bobblehead night coming up - the one's they're depicting on the promos shown on the broadcasts show a smiling Sosh -- don't think that would be his usual facial expression.

Brad Ausmus or Eric Chavez getting the nod??  Most here want Chavez. Few here (if any - perhaps me only) want Ausmus - (or at least don't think it's a terrible choice like many/most here apparently think).

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I noticed in a Maria Guardado "inbox" post (that is on the Angel's site right now) that she stated, and I quote, 

"Assuming the reports that Scioscia intends to step down at the end of the season are accurate,........" 

From this I concluded that there HAVE been reports that Mike is stepping down of his own accord. But I haven't seen them.

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Per the Angels Twitter:


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I like the marionette imagery in that poster. Manager's decisions are being made more and more by persons from above. 

No, you dont steal.

No, you dont bunt.

No, you dont play a straight infield set. 

Pretty soon an Echo Dot will be managing games in the dugout.

"Alexa, who should I bring in to pitch to this guy..............?"

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9 minutes ago, GrittyVeterans said:

Arte/Eppler should do whatever it takes to get Mathis onto the team for that game so Scioscia can bat him cleanup

Have Pujols hobble off the DL so Sosh can put him 3rd in the lineup

I had to double take this...I thought it said Pujols Hobblehead. Pujols on a couch with 2 wobbling legs in casts. That's all that popped into my head.

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