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  1. Did you guys read this yet? Looks like it was a lot worse than we thought. Good riddance you entitled piece of crap. -------------------- He woke up Wednesday morning, having already been told he’d be in the starting lineup that night for the Los Angeles Angels against the Tampa Bay Rays. By the time the day was over, Pujols was yelling at manager Joe Maddon, telling president John Carpino and GM Perry Minasian that he wasn’t going to retire, insisting he did not want to spend the rest of the season on the bench and blasting Maddon’s managerial skills, according to two people with direct knowledge of the day's events who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature the details. The next day, it was officially over. https://sports.yahoo.com/nightengales-notebook-albert-pujols-final-113924193.html
  2. What will he coach the players? How to see the ball? How to field? How to run the basepaths? Ya no thank you. I agree it's bad optics, but it's bad because Pujols forced the Angels hand instead of retiring when it was obvious his time was up.
  3. He won't lose, but I will still vote for him just in case. Still, even I think he's kept schools, restaurants, etc, closed way too long. I know Newsom's intentions are good, but there's some serious mental anguish of being quarantined for too long that he doesn't seem to be considering in his decisions.
  4. It's funny that Caitlyn Jenner is running. Trump and his posse still think people want an "outsider" to run things. I'm pretty sure Trump killed any possibility of that happening ever again.
  5. This is dumb. Trump and the entire republican party are largely responsible for the 30T in debt. You worry about the debt, yet you praise a man who spun it out of control. Makes absolutely no sense.
  6. lol Trump already accomplished that when he picked Kavanaugh and Amy Covid Barret. And the cons already did court packing for 4 years under Trump, but god help us if the democrats do it I guess.
  7. I was old enough to remember when the Cons blocked 180 Obama judges and 1 supreme court judge and then filled the seats when Trump was president. I didn't hear you complain about court packing then.
  8. Upon entering office, President Trump—with his pro-polluter cabinet of fossil fuel advocates, billionaires, and bankers—quickly demonstrated that his priorities differed. On his fourth day in office, Trump signed an executive order to allow Keystone XL to move forward. On March 28, 2017, his administration illegally approved a cross-border permit for the pipeline, reversing the Obama administration’s robust National Interest Determination process. Opposition outside the courts has been swift and strong as well. Farmers, ranchers, tribes, and conservation groups have helped keep the project stalled for the past four years, ensuring it made the long list of President Trump’s failed campaign promises. --------- Ya another Trump failure, go f yourself traitor.
  9. We're trying to reverse climate change not accelerate it. We need less pipelines not more.
  10. You guys lost this argument so bad lol. What is tar sands oil? The tar sands industry is just as hard on the cradle of its business. Its mines are a blight on Canada’s boreal, where operations dig up and flatten forests to access the oil below, destroying wildlife habitat and one of the world’s largest carbon sinks. They deplete and pollute freshwater resources, create massive ponds of toxic waste, and threaten the health and livelihood of the First Nations people who live near them. Refining the sticky black gunk produces piles of petroleum coke, a hazardous, coal-like by-product. What’s more, the whole process of getting the oil out and making it usable creates three to four times the carbon pollution of conventional crude extraction and processing. “This isn’t your grandfather’s typical oil,” says Anthony Swift, director of NRDC’s Canada project. “It’s nasty stuff.” Keystone XL and climate change A fully realized Keystone XL would lead to more mining of that “nasty stuff” by accelerating the pace at which it’s produced and transported. (Indeed, Keystone XL was viewed as a necessary ingredient in the oil industry’s plans to triple tar sands production by 2030.) It would also lead to greater greenhouse gas emissions. In 2014, the EPA stated that tar sands oil emits 17 percent more carbon than other types of crude, but ironically, the State Department revised this number upward three years later, stating that the emissions could be “5 percent to 20 percent higher than previously indicated.” That means burdening the planet with an extra 178.3 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the same impact as 38.5 million passenger vehicles or 45.8 coal-fired power plants. Will the pipeline create jobs? The oil industry has lobbied hard to get KXL built by using false claims, political arm-twisting, and big bucks. When TC Energy said the pipeline would create nearly 119,000 jobs, a State Department report instead concluded the project would require fewer than 2,000 two-year construction jobs and that the number of jobs would hover around 35 after construction.
  11. Some 3 million miles of oil and gas pipelines already run through our country. But Keystone XL wouldn’t be your average pipeline, and tar sand oil isn’t your average crude. Beneath the wilds of northern Alberta’s boreal forest is a sludgy, sticky deposit called tar sands. These sands contain bitumen, a gooey type of petroleum that can be converted into fuel. It’s no small feat extracting oil from tar sands, and doing so comes with steep environmental and economic costs. Tar sands oil is thicker, more acidic, and more corrosive than lighter conventional crude, and this ups the likelihood that a pipeline carrying it will leak. Indeed, one study found that between 2007 and 2010, pipelines moving tar sands oil in Midwestern states spilled three times more per mile than the U.S. national average for pipelines carrying conventional crude. Since it first went into operation in 2010, TC Energy’s original Keystone Pipeline System has leaked more than a dozen times; one incident in North Dakota sent a 60-foot, 21,000-gallon geyser of tar sands oil spewing into the air. Most recently, on October 31, 2019, the Keystone tar sands pipeline was temporarily shut down after a spill in North Dakota of reportedly more than 378,000 gallons. Complicating matters, leaks can be difficult to detect. And when tar sands oil does spill, it’s more difficult to clean up than conventional crude because it immediately sinks to the bottom of the waterway. People and wildlife coming into contact with tar sands oil are exposed to toxic chemicals, and rivers and wetland environments are at particular risk from a spill. (For evidence, recall the 2010 tar sands oil spill in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a disaster that cost Enbridge more than a billion dollars in cleanup fees and took six years to settle in court.) Keystone XL would cross agriculturally important and environmentally sensitive areas, including hundreds of rivers, streams, aquifers, and water bodies. One is Nebraska’s Ogallala Aquifer, which provides drinking water for millions as well as 30 percent of America’s irrigation water. A spill would be devastating to the farms, ranches, and communities that depend on these crucial ecosystems. -------------- So 35 jobs for dirty drinking water, eco systems being destroyed, and farmers and ranchers losing their jobs. Sounds like a good trade off.
  12. The fact that a traitor like Trump approved the pipeline is all the evidence I need to know that it was bad for our country. I trust a man like Biden who actually has the best interest of America instead of himself.
  13. Before Biden signed his executive order, only a 1.2-mile section of the pipeline had been completed in Montana near the U.S.-Canada border. Over the past several years, we’ve fact-checked many claims that the Keystone XL pipeline would create thousands of American jobs. Several of them lack context about the duration and nature of these positions, and this Facebook post is similar. The 11,000 figure in the Facebook post appears to stem from an Oct. 28 press release on the pipeline’s website. In the report, the agency wrote that 10,400 estimated positions would be for seasonal construction work lasting four to eight-month periods. Since the State Department defines "job" as "one position that is filled for 1 year," that would equate to approximately 3,900 jobs over a two-year period. The State Department forecasted that no more than 50 jobs, some of which could be located in Canada, would be required to maintain the pipeline. Thirty-five of them would be permanent, while 15 would be temporary contractors. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/texas/politifact/article/fact-check-biden-politifact-keystone-xl-pipe-oil-15899519.php https://www.statesman.com/story/news/politics/politifact/2021/01/22/keystone-pipeline-jobs-lost-joe-biden-executive-order-cancel-fact-check/6673822002/
  14. These fools think these 11k jobs are permanent lol. If you build my house, you don't build it forever. It's the nature of the construction industry. They will simply move on to another project. Grow a brain people. Shit.
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