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  1. This is projection. It's the far right's views that are more in line with N. Korea.
  2. What is your point? This is a time of crisis, this is what a civilized government does when a global pandemic ravages the country. They provide help for people. If you don't like it then go live in North Korea or VeNeZuELa.
  3. It feels so weird to have a President that actually does some work instead of golfing and watching faux news all day.
  4. Now that Joe Biden is President, it's time to open up the country and get the economy going again.
  5. Why do you think it's appropriate to ever use this word?
  6. It looks like she was the first one trying to break in and the police fired at her. Very dumb to put yourself in a dangerous situation especially when you have 4 kids at home.
  7. Just let it go man. This topic isn't really worth fighting over. It's Chuck's board, his rules, and I admit things got a little out of hand including from myself.
  8. It's totally necessary after what happened today in DC. Trump just can't keep his mouth shut and go out like an adult, so they will have to remove him or it will only get worse.
  9. Well I'm not being completely honest. I don't really want them shot. I actually want them arrested, tried for treason, and then sent to the electric chair. Trump first.
  10. Same honestly. These people are trash and the scum of the earth.
  11. You act like they knocked on the door and asked to come inside. So dumb.
  12. Ya I was thinking that. Manchin is going to be the most powerful senator because they will have to negotiate everything with him to get things passed.
  13. Trump gave us nothing in 4 years except dirty water and air. Oh, and he added like 4 miles of wall.
  14. This is so satisfying after the republican senators were going on a power trip about how they were going to block every Biden nominee. Fucking aholes.
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