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Hipsterism taken to the extreme


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My husband and I study history, specifically the late Victorian era of the 1880s and '90s.  Our methods are quite different from those of academics. Everything in our daily life is connected to our period of study, from the technologies we use to the ways we interact with the world.

Five years ago we bought a house built in 1888 in Port Townsend, Washington State — a town that prides itself on being a Victorian seaport.  When we moved in, there was an electric fridge in the kitchen: We sold that as soon as we could. Now we have a period-appropriate icebox that we stock with block ice. Every evening, and sometimes twice a day during summer, I empty the melt water from the drip tray beneath its base.

Every morning I wind the mechanical clock in our parlor.  Each day I write in my diary with an antique fountain pen that I fill with liquid ink using an eyedropper.  My inkwell and the blotter I use to dry the ink on each page before I turn it are antiques from the 1890s; I buy my ink from a company founded in 1670. My sealing wax for personal letters comes from the same company, and my letter opener was made sometime in the late Victorian era from a taxidermied deer foot.



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When I worked on Tallships, we did things pretty historically accurate as far as the working parts of the boat and its rig, but we had modern nav equipment and an engine. We still taught traditional navigation and I sailed the boat on and off my share of docks without the engine, but I sure as hell was happy I had it when I needed it.

We used to get shit from people when we used the engine to dock until I offered to put them in Long Boats with a line tied them and the ship so they could tow the ship in (historically accurate). No one ever took me up on it.

We used to get these types that loved to "live in the period" I liked to ask them how they enjoyed their shower that morning, or that month for that matter. The pirate reenactors were the worst.

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that's hilarious.

as someone with a 1908 victorian house, the idea is cute. 

but these people are idiots.


reminds me of one of my fav shows all time - did anyone ever watch Frontier House?

was like a family goes and has to live just as they did on a frontier in like 1880.

f*cking A when it was on i couldn't turn away.

That's the first thing/show that came to my mind when reading this.  That show was addicting to watch.


Why do I get the feeling the people in this article are vegetarians?

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Looks like there are others who don't take too kindly to Victorian Hipsters.

Beware, the author swears like a sailor


Funny stuff...:


"To conclude the article in the most tone-deaf way possible, Chrisman writes of their perilous existence that “[they] know the world is a cruel place for anyone who doesn’t fit into the dominant culture.” Yes, truly, the gauge of society’s cruelty is the plight of wealthy, intentionally self-marginalized whites. **** these people."

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