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Sean Rodriguez DFA'd

Second Base

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Those of us that paid attention to prospects for a while will remember this kid.  He and Brandon Wood were up and comers. He never had consistent playing time in Tampa Bay after being traded, but he always had pop in his bat and could play excellent defense at multiple positions. 


If the Angels are looking for a utility infielder with pop that doesn't cost them 5 million dollars (Gordon Beckham) they should definitely look at acquiring Sean-Rod.

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Typically I'd agree that's what Grant Green is for, but the Angels for whatever reason seem bent on not using him as they've indicated they would.  Acquired for Callaspo, Green was expected to be insurance in case Kendrick or Aybar were hurt/traded, groomed to be the eventual starting 3B and in the mean time would serve as utility infielder. 


They had him practice all last offseason at 3B and SS because that's where he was expected to play.  Then they went and traded for Freese, which wasn't a terrible idea, but still conflicts with their original intention.  So then he was back to be a utility infielder but then the team went and brought in Jonny-Mac, which is understandable because Jonny was basically a player-coach. So why not have Grant Green DH then?  I like Cron, but when he went into his slump Green should've been playing. 


The Angels need to use him and reap the benefits of the trade they completed (his bat mainly).  They have this valuable piece just rotting away in AAA or on the bench.  So I say if they decide they aren't going to use him, grab Sean Rodriguez and use him in the utility role.  Even if they do trade Kendrick or Freese and slot Green into the lineup, Rodriguez is still a valuable piece to have. 

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Sean Rodriguez was “definitely surprised” to be designated for assignment by the Rays, the utilityman tells Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times. “This (stinks) right now, but I feel like it may be an opportunity,” Rodriguez said. “What I bring to the table (in terms of versatility) is something a lot of teams like and want to have more of.”


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