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It wasn't a stunt, it was a felony. and there's only one Skip that matters  "If you're talking Heisman, you can't Skip Hicks" 

Gregor McConnor. i like it 

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I think Johnny Hendricks can be a big draw.  Problem is the 170 weight class is pretty weak.


But yeah, most of the popular guys are beyond their prime.


I am thinking Sonnen didn't really want to do this fight.  He got the shit kicked outta him his last couple fights.


They need someone to come out of nowhere and just dominate.

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Prelims were cool. Dude threw out flying knee to open a fight then dropped the other dude in 8 seconds. Some Russian missed with a spin kick and got caught which looked brutal.

Pretty cool it's on Fox. Probably going to miss the rest because of an event.

Some Swede just got destroyed by a right and crumpled to start the main card.

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Time to dust off this thread.  Quite a few good fights last night.  As usual, Cormier surprised me and did the opposite of what I expected.  The Arlovski/Brown fight was why I like the heavyweights, great stuff.  I expected Belfort to do a lot better and I need to get over underestimating Weidman.  Cerrone's fight was typical Cerrone - technically solid but not too exciting to watch. 


Looking forward to the Aldo/McGregor fight and hoping Aldo whips his ass.

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