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0-15 with 8 Ks


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I also have my doubts about Freeze and Ibanez but c'mon it was literally their first at bats against a top notch pitcher in King Felix.


If there was anything more negatively glaring about last night than Salas and Jepsen, I sure didn't see it.

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In 2010 when 36 year old DH Matsui gave us all an Opening Day home run and a .274 / 21hrs / 84rbi's season many people said that he sucked because he wasn't Vlad enough.

I seriously doubt that 41 year old Raul Ibanez will give us anything close to what Matsui gave us and I'm personally shocked that he was even signed.

Freeze will be steady but nothing spectacular. Trout, Hamilton and Pujols are all putting good wood on the ball so I'm no concerned about the offense as a whole.

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I think Ibanez is a non issue - they have guys who can replace him in the system.  My only concern is that because of his slow start last year he will have a longer rope than a guy might usually get.   


I assume you mean his fast start last year?  That's pretty much all he did.

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Ibanez will get a long leash for one reason... because he is a gritty respected vet, and Scioscia is still the manager.


Another thing Scioscia has never been very good at is pitch hitting, but this year he doesn't have anyone TO pitch hit with, so it is going to be Ibanez and Freese late in games...just like last night.

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It would have been interesting to see a spring training invite just to see what he had left in the tank. My first preference would be to get C J Cron in at DH and let him develop at the ML level. I just don't get why Raul Ibanez is even on this team. It has to be a financial decision because Kendrys Morales would make this lineup a monster.

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