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Amazing photos of Tsarnaev's apprehension

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From the caption:


"A sniper trains his bead on Tsarnaev."


So yeah, pretty intense.


Man, and by the size of it.  I'm sure that's not one ping.  In the second picture, it looks like a group are still on the forehead, and one drifted to the side of his head a bit.  

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Too bad his finger didn't slip.


This guy's going to soak up all the attention at trial. He'll glory in it. In better times they would have taken him out back already and disposed of him.

But then we'd be listening to back-lash similar to how Dorner was "murdered"...

Didn't know about the rolling stone cover; that's a new low.

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What's the difference between RS and Time magazine putting him on the cover? The way we perceive it? Stupid. The article in that magazine is incredible journalism



Kind of my thoughts as well. I'm pretty sure there have been terrible people on other covers as well. I'd be more concerned with the content. I don't take it as him being glamorized. I also respect their position and duties of journalism. Granted, I don't think I would have used a glamor pic of the dude and made it a cover, but whatever. People don't need to buy it.


Was there this kind of outrage when Osama Bin Laden was on magazine covers?


Wouldn't be my choice to do what they did, but reading some of the faux outrage earlier today was kind of comical.

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Conditioned media control. Someone gets offended, makes some social media update, it picks up steam, the media picks it up and runs to capitalize and profit. The same thing with this crazy Zimmerman case while so many others are killed or acquitted daily but everyone is so invested in this one case because of the media control....you have grown men arguing to extreme lengths here to try and change people's mind on a stance (which will never happen, but they debate anyway).

The Boston bombing was extremely tragic and saddening, but even that was sensationalized to where people were really invested emotionally. Still harboring those feelings with the situation they are upset with a magazine cover.

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I can understand RS using that photo, as they have tried to maintain relevance over the years by stirring the pot like this.  They knew exactly what they were doing in the marketing department, but I prefer the SI cover.  It shows some First-Responders (Boston Police Officers) immediately reacting to the incident.


It will be an interesting trial...

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Whenever someone disagrees with a poster, that poster must be "outraged".

Some of the stuff people type in here is incredibly stupid.

You must have a reading comprehension problem, sir. I said faux outrage from what I read earlier in the day, I didn't say here or even in the context of posters disagreeing. It was from media and social media sites.

While people indeed write incredibly stuff, people also seem to be incredibly stupid with their comprehension and constantly looking to argue, debate, and fight with other posters for no reason.

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