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More Trout Trade Idiocy


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So, the Angels are supposed to trade the greatest player of his generation, in the prime of his career, for 5 unproven prospects? Even if Trout was willing to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Phillies, they just don't have the pieces. Even if they started with Nola, it would have to be a Herschel Walker type deal because Nola wouldn't make it to the All-Star break in an Angels' uniform without needing Tommy John surgery.

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The 3rd man in is an idiot.

It's just hard to trade Trout. You have to get a package of prospects and young players that would equate more than 10 wins a year over their current replacements, which would be hard to do because our prospects aren't bad right now. Think about it, if the Marlins are turning down Realmuto - Robles, why would the Angels accept that crap offer from the Phils? 

The easiest way to get the 10 wins above whoever our replacements are, are to focus on the Angels short comings.

As an example, if the Padres offered Fernando Tatis (he'd be our 3B), Francisco Mejia (catcher), Luis Urias at 2B, Arian Morejon and Chris Paddack, that'd probably be enough to get it done if the Padres were competing AND the Angels were selling, neither of which are the case.

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1 hour ago, floplag said:

I dont agree with this article, but ive said before there is only one thing worse than Trading a player like Trout, losing them for nothing but a draft pick.  

You really won’t lose him for just a draft pick if you don’t trade him. You have two years of Trout in the lineup. 

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19 hours ago, Second Base said:

The 3rd man in is an idiot.

He says, in part,  Baseball is better off if the devilishly bad Angels do us fans a big favor and trade him to a team that will make the playoffs before the Great One is 40 years of age.

Devilishly bad? That would be the Orioles, not a team two games under .500. Besides, I'm not interested in doing a "favor" to fans who don't even follow the team and believe that they had rather see him in another uniform.

BTW, I get the devil/angel thing. It isn't that clever.


I rather liked this one, who called out the author for apparently rehashing an old idea.

This was a stupid idea when you proposed it two years ago, and it didn’t get any smarter with the passing of the months.

A smart GM doesn’t trade a generational talent for the equivalent of the sweepings off the floor in the butcher shop.

A single-A pitcher with elbow inflammation issues? Ooooh, that sounds like nothing the Angels have dealt with in the past two years. Let’s sign up for some of that. Moniak is basically a wasted 1st Round pick, so another prize in this offering. Crawford is likewise an easy surrender for the Phillies, since he is also a disappointment.

You tipped your hand to your woeful ignorance on the topic by making the blanket statement that the Angels have “one of the worst farm systems in baseball”. Their system is consensus Top 15 in the game currently (ranking varies, but all within the top half of the franchises). This has been done on the fly over the past two seasons. Nice job missing the key facts to your argument.

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My preferred answer to people who say Trade Trout: You want Trout to be in the playoffs? Okay, tell Dipoto to trade the Angels Paxton, Segura, and Diaz for Jewell and Hermosillo. That'll be a good start. Why should the Angels trade Trout for peanuts? Tell other teams to trade the Angels good players for underwhelming returns instead.

The implicit point in these stupid trade articles isn't really about Trout in the playoffs - it's about Trout in the playoffs for some team not named the Angels. 

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