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I'm a Luchoholic, do I need help?

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Seriously, this kid plays with passion, fire and swagger. I've always praised his ability and thought he could be a really good regular in the big leagues, though some shot me down noting his terrible walk rate and OBP. But this kid could ALWAYS hit with RISP. His situational hitting was an organizational BEST throughout the minors. 


Anyhow, I'm stoked and drunk, on Lucho Jimenez. 

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As Lucho was running off the field monday after BP i yelled "Lucho"! And he looked at me with a huge smile. The kids having a blast playing in the bigs right now and isnt taking a second of it for granted. This team needed a spark, some life injected into it and he's doing just that. Doesnt hurt that he's killing it on both offense and defense right now either. To summarize i effing love this kid as well.

If sosh brings AC back into the line-up when hes healthy again thatll be the nail in the coffin as far as my feelings towards him sticking around as manager are concerned

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I haven't gotten to see many games this year, but with the Tigers in town, I get to see it on Fox Sports Detroit. What a fun guy to watch. Can Callaspo take one for the team and stay on the DL long enough to make it too hard for Scioscia to put him back in as a starter? Or maybe he can come off the DL and backup Aybar and send Romine back to AAA to learn to hit.

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Ya, I've been pleasantly surprised.

And this board is just going to be pure entertainment when Callaspo is off the DL.




It'll be interesting for sure.  You know Callaspo is guaranteed to get the starts right away.  Maybe we could send him to SLC for rehab for a few weeks...yeah right.

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Trade Kendrick for a reliever or prospects; put Callaspo at second; leave Lucho at third. If Lucho continues to do well, trade Cowart for pitching prospects. Otherwise, give Cowart his shot at third next year.

I'm a big Kendrick fan but I would consider this, or trade Kendrick for a couple good minor league prospects.

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