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  1. For the sake of argument say 95 wins would get us into the playoffs. I looked at a couple seasons and different teams and the pitchers identified as starters for those seasons in Baseball Reference are responsible for 50-55% of the wins, so we need 46-52 wins from our rotation. ZIPS is projecting the following wins Bundy 12 Heaney 9 Canning 7 Ohtani. 5 Sandoval 9 That gives us a projection of 42 wins and does not include a sixth starter. Bauer is projected at 13 wins by ZIPS with Porcello at 11, Happ, Tanaka, and Paxton at 9, Odorizzi at 8, and Wainwright and Fiers at 7. Popular trade candidates are German Marquez (13), Sonny Gray (12), and Hendricks (11) I think the cost per win for Bauer will be steep, the conversation about pitching every 4th day will be short of had at all with the Angels, and based on history, Mickey Calloway might not collaborate with Bauer. I think option 1 despite all the fun memes is a non starter. My preference is to build for the long term and trading for an ace and signing a rotation arm short term is best. I also don’t think we have the pieces to get a Marquez or Gray after seeing what the Mets and Padres have been throwing around this off season So we are left with signing the best two FA pitchers to one year (two years at most) contracts. Adding positions players with any budget we have left and trade for need at the deadline.
  2. I had season tickets to Arizona baseball Refsnyder's last year there. He plays a good outfield if they think his bat will work in the bigs
  3. Guess shaking down parents for $300 a month for their mediocre kids to play club baseball in Tucson wasn't cutting it anymore. Liked Jack as a player for the Angels. Less enthused about his role in the development of youth players. Hope he helps the org.
  4. If the Angels go the expensive free agent route, my preference is Alex Gordon. If they go less expensive free agent, Gerardo Parra. More and more though, I really would like to see Eppler trade for a player like Corey Dickerson and add to a young core. Trout, Simmons, Calhoun, Richards, Heaney, Skaggs, Tropeano is a pretty good foundation. Dickerson would fit right in.
  5. Check out this post on MLB Trade Rumors: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2015/12/cubs-sign-jason-heyward.html
  6. Our 4th and 5th OF are likely to be league minimum players, is it worth a roster spot for the potential power off the bench?
  7. 1) Sign Alex Gordon 2) Sign Freese 3) Sign Howie 4) Trade CJ for salary relief and prospects
  8. The baseball groundhog came out and saw his shadow. Three more years of Scioscia.
  9. Going a bit out of the box and avoiding the trade route, how about Asdrubal Cabrera. While not his primary position, he has played 2B.
  10. Welcome home Cheo. Just finished Benji's autobiography. He gives Jose a lot of the credit for making him the catcher he became. This is a good move not because he is a 2002 alumni, but because he was a good defensive catcher and Benjamin Molina Sr. taught his sons and a lot of other Puerto Rican players who made it to the bigs about the game. When you read the book, you will see that Mr. Molina raised players who will be good coaches. I never knew that Benji had never played catcher before the Angels signed him. His first time behind the plate was at his try out for the Angels.
  11. 1) I don't want to see Ersty in a Dodger's uni. 2) My son really wants to play for Ersty at Nebraska.
  12. Trade CJ for Justin Turner and ML. Let Freese walk. Trade Salas for Rob Refsnyder (2b for NYY) Watched Ref play at Arizona. He meets the grit need we have had for years. Attempt to sign Jason Heyward and either Jordan Zimmerman or Mike Leake.
  13. If Mickey Hatcher comes back we will know Eppler is Reagins 2.0
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