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My father just passed away...

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He passed-away yesterday, after surviving hospice care for over 9 months...


I wouldn't have usually posted something like this here, but I genuinely think of this place as a dysfunctional-family get-together...

He had a lot of medical issues, and signed himself out of Kaiser Hospital 9 months ago saying he'd never be back to a Hospital again.  He actually improved while on hospice-care, and we were blessed with the extra time.


He passed-away very peacefully, and just stopped breathing with my sister at his side.  Stanley Jack Cohen was 82 years old, and lived a full life as I witnessed much of it.  He genuinely cared about other people, and loved hearing about what was going-on in their lives.  He came into a room and dominated it, but he would likely defer the spotlight onto somebody else.  I'm slowly learning these amazing traits.


If you all are still reading, I'd like to share a couple of stories about my Pop...


He was assigned by my mother to help me study for an exam one time in high school.  He was so focused and passionate about his work and sports, that he forced it on me.  We sat there, until I knew the subject forwards and backwards.  I aced that test, and it is my teaching mantra when assigned to assist my own kids now (poor kids...).


My favorite stories are about him as a sports fan!  He was a rabid LA Rams fan (with season tickets), until they left!  Then, they were dead to him (and I jumped onto the NY Giants bandwagon with his NY/NJ brother and family).  We used to play Nerf football on the street, and we could always hear him yelling at the Rams on tv...


He was an AYSO referee, and actually ref'd one of MY games!  He totally blew it, and my mom and I wouldn't talk to him the rest of the day!


My absolute favorite story though, has to be from a couple of years ago.  I'd just started playing baseball again with our Sunday-league team, and my mom and Pop came out to watch a game.  My Pop actually got kicked-out of the field for arguing a strike call against me!  My teammates constantly laugh about that one!


RIP, Pop!  I'll miss talking Angels, Brooklyn baseball, football, Kings/Ducks hockey, and watching our favorite classic movies together...

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Prayers and condolences go out to you and your family, LB. He sounded like an amazing father who shared a lot of your interests, and had a passion for life.

I know that Rams feeling, when they left SoCal,

and hope they return here soon.

And yes, the REAL Dodgers played in Brooklyn.

Your dad will always be in your heart.

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