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What do you expect from Hamilton in 2015?


Hamilton: 2015 Version  

113 members have voted

  1. 1. What kind of numbers do you expect from Hamilton in 2015?

    • What the Angels are paying for: .300+/.900+, 35+ HR
    • What the Angels thought they'd get: Around .280/.850, 30 HR
    • Improvement, but not spectatcular: .265/.800, 25 HR
    • More of the same: .250/.750, 20 HR
    • Game Over, man: Worse than the above

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Not what do you want or dream of, or what you fear, but what do you think is his most likely level of performance?


I for one think we're going to see improvement, even if it is only a dead-cat bounce and nothing like his past star level. I just don't think it can get much worse, but it could get better. Poll to come - just pick the closest to what you expect.

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Last offseason, i was pretty convinced he was going to bounceback. Never was a fan of him or signing him, but was pretty much a cheerleader for the guy going into 2014.

After seeing him flop again, i hate to say it, but i have zero hope. Im hoping for .260 with 20 plus home runs. I think he can do that. But i also know he just as easily cant.

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Right now, I don't have much confidence that he'll bounce back. After reading 5 "Hamilton is in the best shape of his life articles" through the off-season and spring training, I might have a glimmer of hope. 


In all seriousness, if anyone has had a roller coaster of a baseball career, it's Josh. He definitely has the talent to produce. He obviously needs to get his head right first.


I think it's a little bit premature to pronounce that he's definitely done for good. I remember a lot of posters saying that about Pujols after '12. He bounced back to a somewhat respectable year in '13. I'm hoping the same for Josh.   

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I think Narron helps big time in Spring Training and we see the results of that all the way into May, when he'll either forget what he was doing or get hurt.

.270 and 25 HR's.

You have to be able to adjust to succeed in this game. If nothing else, Josh's struggles have shown he can't make the adjustments in this environment.

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His numbers at home will suck yet again.... Overall I'd say a .750-.775 OPS (somewhere between a 110-120 OPS+) with more excuses and his usual detachment.  I hope he does well but I've never really been a fan and I'm as bored with him as I have been with any Angels player ever.

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I think he'll be just good enough to be a drag on the overall offense.

A few hot streaks here and there so that he keeps getting trotted out in the middle of the lineup but his overall production warrants the bench.

Something along the lines of .255/.310/.400

I sure hope I'm wrong.

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