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The Angels should sign Pablo Sandoval (within reason)


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He has good career numbers and should be entering his prime.  This will finally give the Angels a real 3rd baseman and they can trade away Freese and Kendrick to free up money.  Pablo/Green >>> Freese/Kendrick.  The within reason is if a team is willing to overpay like the Dodgers and Grienke, you let them overpay.  The Angels blew it with Beltre and can make up for it with signing Sandoval. The 2015/16 class of FA 3rd baseman is not good.  I have no idea if he wants to stay in California or even sign with the Angels but I hope Dipoto tries to sign him.  If he is really seeking a 6 or 7 year deal, at least include an option for that year.  I am not sure how much he will demand but Beltre got close to 100 million and I believe he had better numbers but was also older than Sandoval will be.  It would be nice to finally have a real 3rd baseman. I know that posters here will disagree and state the Angels just need pitching and that's it but if there is a chance to upgrade at the hot corner, you have to take it IMO.

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sandoval has had great success in the post season, no doubt. his regular season numbers are ok, but he's going to get paid because of 3 world championships. he's also a fat ass, and it's extremely likely he's not going to be able to stick at third because of his fat assness. that's a deal breaker for me. the angels have enough guys that they're paying for their contributions to another organization's championships, we don't need anymore. start paying guys for what they're going to do and not what they've already done. FA should be a predictive proposition and not an opportunity to stick it in the prom queen.

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No thank you

Why? Because he is fat? Have you looked at his numbers and age? When was the last time the Angels had a chance to sign a player heading into his prime that plays a position they haven't had good production from in 10 years?

Could he be a bust? Sure but so can pretty much any FA. Not getting any real compelling reasons why he shouldn't be signed. He will be 33 years old or so at the end of the contract he would sign with us. This means he will be in line for another deal which will make him want to stay in shape and play well in order to get another good contract.

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Was he injured in 2013 as well?

Yes. And attributing his 2013 "decline" to his weight is quite a leap. I'm not a fan of free agent signings in general and I think the nature of free agency is a more appropriate topic, but this whole weight/body type discussion is ridiculous, especially considering Fielder (and Sandoval for that matter) haven't sustained any weight-related injuries. 

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