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  1. This might be better for your NL West version but it seems like both the Giants and Dodgers could use pitching and both have top C prospects. Maybe the Angels could get a bidding war going just to pull the rug out from under the Dodgers at the last minute for a little payback.
  2. The Dodgers traded Willie Calhoun who was their #4 prospect at the time for a rental named Yu Darvish. Not that we have a Yu Darvish but their BP is trash so crazier things have happened.
  3. The deal the Mets made for Rich Hill would have been a great deal to ship Heaney or Bundy off on.
  4. I heard one of the other names they considered was the Cleveland Rocks. That would have been infinitely better.
  5. Adell will be kept and Marsh will be traded for all the reasons fans want to keep Marsh and trade Adell.
  6. So then it would be Marsh for Jose Berrios and a pick after the 1st round in 2023. The Angels would be crazy not to make that deal.
  7. Keep Adell and hope he can at least replace Upton’s production. It won’t be much but at least it will allow the Angels to spend elsewhere(pitching).
  8. Gausman and Stroman in the off-season would be a win. Get a couple Ty Buttreys in trades this year and bring up Bachman to close next year. The offense will be fine.
  9. QO is always a gamble but he might feel like he can top what Hendriks just got. He’s younger and has been more consistent over his career. Especially pitching almost his whole career in Great American.
  10. Offer Cobb an extension, if he turns it down trade him to TB or NY. Bring back Barria to take his spot and see if he’s a real option for next year. Trade both Iglesias but if you can’t find value with Raisel, you can always QO him. Toronto really needs another BP arm if they are serious about winning and they have some good C prospects. Trade Jose to the Mets or Cincinnati and bring up Stefanic until Arte signs one of the SS free agents in the off-season. Trade Heaney, Cishek, Watson, and the rest for whatever you can get.
  11. If Rocker signs at slot and Bachman under, we’ll have our answer on the pick.
  12. Detmers could be another Newcomb. They should pick the best pitcher available, high school or college.
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