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  1. It’s not really an obsession, it’s more like we’ve been down reclamation project road before (Teheran, Harvey, Cahill) and the only one who sorta worked out was Bundy and that was a short season playing against only west coast teams. To expect Cobb, Ohtani, and Quintana to be healthy all year and perform well is extremely optimistic. What’s wrong with having Canning in Salt Lake trying to improve on his game? I think he really only spent 1 full season in the minors.
  2. What people don’t realize is there is going to be a huge need for SP this year due to no one pitching more than 84 innings last year. The highest on the Angels was Heaney at 66 innings. Plus Ohtani hasn’t pitched in forever. Although Odorizzi was hurt last year, he has been one of the most durable pitchers in MLB over his career.
  3. Yes please. 6 man rotation with Canning riding the shuttle to and from Salt Lake for when someone inevitably gets hurt. Just think, we would actually have good minor league SP depth for the first time in ages.
  4. I’d like to see Odorizzi added so they can at least have a vet on the staff if Bundy walks. Detmers has never pitched in the minors and Rodriguez has been hurt a bunch. If they sign Odorizzi they can send Sandoval to AAA for regular reps and Barria to the pen as the long man/spot starter. It would also allow Ohtani to build up slowly. 2021 would be Bundy, Odorizzi, Heaney, Quintana, Cobb, and Ohtani on Sundays. 2022 is looking like Ohtani, Barria, Sandoval, ?, ?, ?
  5. Drew Smyly is making 11M this year, Kluber is making 11M this year, and GRich is making 10M this year. Even though these are 1 year deals, Walker is only making 7M next year which is basically what JAKE ARRIETA just got. It’s not an over pay.
  6. The Mets are paying 10M in 2021 and 7M in 2022 with a 3M buyout on a player’s option for 2023. I know they’re completely different pitchers but Walker has a better career ERA than both Odorizzi and Bauer. Great deal for the Mets.
  7. 2/20M! Go offer Odorizzi the same deal and punch that Wild Card ticket.
  8. Odorizzi. If the SP gives up too many runs you’ll never need the closer. Plus with MLB deadening the ball, Odorizzi could be comeback player of the year.
  9. Sure, it’s been 7 years and in that time they’ve made a consistent effort to get better even though it’s been clear for a while that a rebuild is necessary. The Angels should’ve rebuilt after 2015 when it was pretty clear they wouldn’t be competitive for a while but they didn’t. Last year they were in the running for #1 draft pick and decided to go on a winning streak.
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