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  1. Resign Iglesias Sign Scherzer Trade for Castillo
  2. Who would be a good SS for us next year? Seagar and Correa have injury issues, Baez strikes out all the time, Story isn’t great outside of Coors, Simmons isn’t an option here, Iglesias was bad. Is there anyone else?
  3. For years we’ve been asking for them to bring up the kids on the farm and let them play. Now that they have I’ve completely lost interest. Go figure.
  4. I know it’s way early but what has anyone seen from Marsh that looks promising? He looks exactly like Adell did last year but with even more strikeouts and no power. At least his defense is better.
  5. I feel like CRod should be ranked first over Detmers. He has really impressed since coming up. Is Canning still a prospect? If so, where would he rank on this list?
  6. I’d be interested in him or Correa. The problem with both is their health issues. Maybe Story would be a better option?
  7. Let these guys do whatever they want and stop pretending like this is shocking news.
  8. The A’s clearly knew he pissed hot before they made the trade for Marte. He didn’t test positive yesterday.
  9. Justin at 1B when a lefty is on the mound? This would open up LF for Marsh or Adell when Trout is back.
  10. No trades for a reliever. They drafted 20 pitchers, most of them college players. One of them has to be ready by next year.
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