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  1. One of my favorite things about Angels games is hitting the local Chevron and finding the perfect snack combo. Thoughts on a top 3 combo for watching playoff baseball or mid-week angels game? 1) Ranch Seeds 2) Bugles 3) Mamba
  2. Take your pick, who are we landing?
  3. We need to look atleast at moving someone… marsh, adell, Walsh? Our lineup looks great but we lost a lot of games due to relief in innings 5-8
  4. Not out of the question… Maybe trade Ohtani while he is hot???
  5. Interested in thoughts on off-season pick ups for the Angels. With the urgency of winning now, below are some players that could bolster 2022 postseason hopes. 1) Land Scherzer at all costs 2) Bauer opts out with Dodgers, Angels need to take a chance. #BauerHour 3) Bury the hatchet, bring on Correa
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