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  1. What about Adams,Sandoval, Suarez and Thaiss ? Keep hold of Detmers
  2. Or gray and I can see the 2021 AL west pennant on the horizon
  3. And a shed load of possible relievers Also Archer,Paxton, Tanaka & Walker
  4. Happy with this alongside stassi Now let's focus on some elite pitching
  5. Adell as I feel he would get us the best return
  6. Would certainly be open to trading adell and one or two of other prospect of's as we are flushed with them to get an ace level starter or two, would then add in any of barria,heaney,suarez or thaiss. Would also be agreeable to taking on a contract to achieve this say moustakas who could still add something. Possible trades would be gray & moustakas and contreras & hendricks,that would cover most needs. Add quintana & Bradley as fa's. Not sure where this takes us budget wise.
  7. As long as 2 of those moves involves the angels then I'm fine, not including realmuto
  8. Works for me, would be a solid improvement with realmuto as catcher to appease Arte
  9. Let's be real, it's been years since the angels FO took pitching seriously...
  10. Would have liked Castro back left hand bat and decent catcher, would have thought for not too much money.
  11. Castro and Pederson/Goodwin sorts out catcher and OF and adds two lefties Then go all in for SP and relief
  12. That's the problem we are in a 'catch 22' situation the opportunities appear to be there but having a weak farm system is what's stopping us taking advantage.
  13. 2 of Gray,Musgrove or Snell against Bauer I know which option I would favour,just not sure we have the trade chips to swing it...
  14. Certainly need one starting pitcher fingers crossed a 1 or 2 either FA or trade. I would then like to see Garrett Richards back as he could flip from rotation to relief depending on how things pan out giving more flexibility and wouldn't cost the earth.
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