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  1. Happy with these acquisitions. Looks like minasian has boxed clever and played the long game waiting for the fallout from elsewhere and then hoovered up at bargain prices. Or am I being too complimentary
  2. Yes I think that can be filed away in the same cabinet as pitching
  3. I think seeing how iglesias pans out this season is best option,then consider extending if he performs well. The glut of top level FA ss's could bring the prices down, not sure how many teams will have the budget or need in this position.
  4. Doesn't fit the clubhouse profile at all in my view So would seem to be a real about turn if anything in this
  5. Some speculation going around that the Dbacks are prepared to trade in an attempt to reduce payroll. Could be an option for TOR for the angels ? Is this what Perry gas been waiting for BTR has him as around -49 so be interesting to see what it would take to snare him
  6. The Astros still have a lot of quality offense even without Springer and a decent rotation and bullpen which performed well in the post season. I think they will still make a couple of acquisitions and will be strong. The A's are the A's and infuriatingly always seem to be able to put together a decent team from nothing. The Mariners have a clutch if good prospects and if they click then they will be in the mix. I will give you the rangers
  7. And settle for 3rd or 4th in the AL west what a waste of trout Hope I am wrong but to me this off season seems like a massive missed opportunity, criminal when you think we are one of the top end budget franchises.
  8. What about Adams,Sandoval, Suarez and Thaiss ? Keep hold of Detmers
  9. Or gray and I can see the 2021 AL west pennant on the horizon
  10. And a shed load of possible relievers Also Archer,Paxton, Tanaka & Walker
  11. Happy with this alongside stassi Now let's focus on some elite pitching
  12. Adell as I feel he would get us the best return
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