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  1. Problem is vaccination doesn't stop you getting covid it only hopefully lessens the severity. I know of a good few people in UK who have been double jabbed and have still contracted it. This pandemic has still got some twists and turns to go before it's fully controlled.
  2. Thats the big unknown but would have him as a good fit for Rockies with them having a hitter friendly ball park and adell being known for hitting dingers, also they get a good length of control and potential. Just checked Cannings BTV and it's dropped dramatically
  3. Marquez + story for adell,canning,thaiss + barria ?
  4. Track record over recent years on pitching would bear this out and the number of games thrown away / lost this year down to mediocre pitching. There is a big difference between coveting and actually signing.
  5. Why would any Top end rotation FA starter consider signing for a franchise that doesn't take pitching seriously and has little chance of contending in the near future until it has a drastic change in strategy and approach. Just a thought ?
  6. FFS could be in line for a 100 loss season at this rate. Can't believe the season is all but over by mid may, what a complete shit show.
  7. Pass the doobie EG that must be some serious shit you're smokin there...
  8. Absolutely embarrassing baseball tonight Up against a rookie pitcher on debut and we don't look like getting on base. Defense has also looked bad and team looks totally devoid of confidence. Wave goodbye to .500 not be seeing that for a while judging by this display.
  9. Happy with these acquisitions. Looks like minasian has boxed clever and played the long game waiting for the fallout from elsewhere and then hoovered up at bargain prices. Or am I being too complimentary
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