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  1. Essentially it probably boils down to Realmuto or help for SP. I’m not saying Bauer is a sure thing but this will at least leave room for 2 2nd tier SP if Bauer doesn’t happen. Personally I would take Odorizzi, Musgrove, and Hand vs Bauer alone but I can understand why some still want Bauer.
  2. Happy with this signing. It shows that the Angels aren’t messing around with Realmuto and they are focused on pitching. Hopefully the activity around the league today continues!
  3. Dane Dunning is coming off of TJS so maybe another starter with injury issues. Lamet or someone in the same boat? Could also be for a catcher.
  4. They would be wise to consider it. Especially with so many FA options out there. Plus there is no guarantee he won’t regress to his career norms. He had some really good starts but also got killed by AZ, SF, and 1 game in Oakland. Also keep in mind that he never pitched against any east coast teams or in their stadiums.
  5. I agree with trading Bundy in a Lance Lynn type deal. In fact, let’s just try to replicate CIN’s SP rotation last year with Castillo, Gray, and Bauer. WS 2021 locked up.
  6. I love Fletcher but this would mean a frontline starter who isn’t making much for years to come. Moose is still a solid player and would be a good left handed bat to lengthen the lineup. Of course I think CIN throws in some cash but I think if you can get both for around $18M AAV (Moose’s contract is backloaded) you have to consider it. No one(besides the Cubs) makes a trade that doesn’t make sense for both sides.
  7. I don’t hate this idea. The dude mashes and spent a ton of time in Detroit which is awful for hitters. I’d rather have Moustakes for less $ and years though.
  8. Is it true that the Angels only give up a draft pick if the player attached only signs for over 50M? If so, why not go get Keuchel for 3/36 with incentives to reach 49M?
  9. Does anyone else think this is the year to challenge Houston? Their rotation needs help, Correa and Altuve were hurt last year, they signed Brantley but he's been injured much of his career, and the Angels are a better team than they were last year. Why not sign Mous and Keuchel and go for it?
  10. Arenado will cost a lot more than Manny and he's not great outside of Coors. The dude is asking for 30m in his last year of arbitration, he wants to get paid next year.
  11. its not the players who are waiting to sign, it's Boras.
  12. I'd like to see the Angels sign or trade for a lefty reliever and sign Moustakes.
  13. Gray to the Angels makes too much sense for it to happen.
  14. This seems like a ploy by Manny's people to get more clubs interested in him. No way this guy signs for 7/175.
  15. How about Dozier? Down year last year so he won't cost much. I remember him hitting one out at the big A last year.
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