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Are the playoffs enough?



81 members have voted

  1. 1. Will You Be Happy if the Halos Make the Playoffs

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No.  World Series Championship is the only goal.  No one remembers second place.  But it's 12 years later, and people still remember 2002.


Heck, the Dodgers main draw for their TV station is something that happened 26 years ago.  And something that the station will never show, a WS.

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As said, anything can happen in a short series, which is exactly what the playoffs are.
I would be very happy if we make it as the division winner, satisfied if we make it as a wild card, and no i dont mean the one game play in as that would be ok, but not happy. 

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If the wildcard game was a 3 game series then I would say yes. But since it's a play in game now I don't consider that game a playoff game. They need get to the ALDS in my opinion.


I'm with you. I'm not a fan of the 1-game wildcard game. I feel that it leaves too much to luck and chance. Baseball can be a weird game at times. I don't see them changing it to a 3-game playoff series because of TV scheduling, but I think it would be better. 


I don't think I could stomach them losing that wildcard game.

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I voted no just based on the way the poll was worded. If the Angels were a WC, I would need them to win that play in game and see a series to be satisfied.

Good point! To me, Wild Card game is not the playoffs. Need to at least get involved with a post season series.

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Of course I want them to win the WS, but I would like them to at least get to the playoffs first. It would be nice to see meaningful October baseball again, even if it is short lived.


Obviously we all want a ring. But its not 2006-10 anymore where the regular season was just a formality.

Ask seattle fans if they miss the griffey years or not. Yeah, they came up short, but it was a hell of a lot better than anything since.

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The results of this poll point out exactly what is wrong with the Angels fan base.


I think you will find that most fans of every other team would probably feel the same way. Barring maybe the Yankees and Red Sox fans. It will be especially prevalent for fans of teams that haven't made the playoffs in recent years.

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