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Social media Peyt's Mom peeves

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I've been noticing this more and more online and its starting to annoy the hell out of me.


People in relationships that use Facebook or Twitter as their primary form of contact with their partner. Seriously, no one cares about what you're talking about. Call them or send a text for crying out loud. Why advertise it all online?


Any other social media annoyances out there?

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Hash tag people are lame because they do not understand why they are used. Like anyone is actually following some random sentence that you decide to write after a pound sign.

You'd be amazed at how bored people on Twitter are. They search hash tags and specific words. I cracked a joke about Cory Monteith and Zac Efron both being drug addicts thanks to high school singing and I was attacked by so many stupid Glee people. #Losers

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women who constantly post photos and/or commentary of their level of pregnant-ness or pregnancy issues.


OMG my back hurts!

OMG my tummy is getting big!

OMG only 8 months left!

OMG only 7 months, 29 days left!

OMG only 7 months, 28 days left!

OMG I have pregnancy cravings!

OMG look at this ultrasound picture of an amorphous blob!  Surprise, it's a girl!


Spare me.

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People who post pictures of their "stuff" all the time. 


Buy a new car and it's nice? Great. Post a pic. Don't begin a daily FB series of "My Tesla and I at <some gay sushi restaurant>"


Lol, I usually brag about new shit I got.


The baiting statuses are bad.  Same with the people that post the gullible chain letter type stories that are totally false.  Or some animal in a shelter that is suffering, every day.  F'n libs.

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what are the hash tags used for?


Twitter created them as a way of indexing.  So people that are watching golf can do #PGATour or something.  Within twitter you can create a search for #PGATour and it would automatically update when new ones come in with that hash tag.


It is actually a brilliant utilization on Twitter's part, almost every type of media utilizes hash tags now.  It is just overdone, especially by random people who post stupid shit.


I always think that the hash tag hate is overblown though, I just ignore it like anything else idiotic I read.

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So twitter keeps an index of random things people write after a hash tag?


Twitter indexes every single word people say.  Hashtags just make it easier for hashtags to "trend."  They tell people to use hashtag "whatever" with their post on a topic, so people start doing it.

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I haven't opened FB in 3 years. Never did any of the other sites. Mostly because I really don't give a fat rat's behind what your kid did this morning and it's none of your business what I'm doing. Life is better with a little mystery.


Totally agree. It doesn't really matter if that beej you got behind the CPK was from a dude or chick as long as YOU don't know really know.

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