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LA Times: Angels and some fans could take a lesson from Red Sox and their fans


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The class with which Mariano Rivera's Fenway Park farewell was handled contrasts with Angels' fumbled opportunity with Derek Jeter in 2011.

This column is a high-five to Boston Red Sox fans and their baseball organization. It is also a wrinkled brow and shake of the head to the same groups of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.pfIlCfXcqrc

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stupid article.  


Big difference between retiring and a milestone.  And I still don't agree with the Angels honoring Rivera.  Those players never played for the Angels, and it's not the same as a Rivalry.


Hell, I bet Dwyre would like the Angels to honor the Dodgers if they ever win the World Series.  Because that would be the classy thing to do.  

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If Jeter had gotten his 3,000th against the Angels in Ananheim, then I would've had no problems about them honoring him then and there or before the very next game if there were one. It's not like he was the first ever to collect 3,000 hits and it wasn't his farewell tour either. Mo/Jeter have a different kind of relationship with the Red Sox than they do with the Angels, so for the Red Sox to do a little extra to honor one of their all time great rival is sort of to be expected.


Also, I think the author is trolling deep and hard with this story.

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This article is the equivalent of getting a rectal exam by guy with a wooden hand. I'd rather slather my nipples in honey and lay naked under a beehive than read this crap again. I'd rather have Joe Blanton pitch every game forever.

This is garbage. I bet this guy thinks Matlock is still a relevant program. How the hell do you even compare a hall of famer retiring to a future hall of famer reaching a milestone in the middle of his career? Maybe Angels fans got pissed because they have little to no sentimental connection to the New York Yankees and couldn't frankly give two shits when one of their players gets a high score at Chuck E Cheese.

I am so mad right now I hope this Dwyer guy shits lava for eternity.

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BTW.  Congratulations to Dwyre.  He made Plashke look like a good writer.  


Anyone wonder why the LA Times sports section went from 20+ pages to barely 6 during his tenure as Sports Editor?  He's an old geezer, that can't accept change.  He should take notes from Bruce about adapting.  

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